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Wishing All Our Coots Sausages and Families a Very Merry Christmas

It’s always such a busy time of year juggling the Children and the Sausages whilst preparing for Christmas. I always feel exhausted by the time I get to Christmas Eve and guilty that I have spent a little less time with the Sausages.

This year I have made promises to myself that I will ‘take a chill pill’ and try and enjoy every minute in our new home with family and enjoy the woofers as I do on a daily basis. Everyone can wait! Everything can take its time! Im going to really try and soak it all up…..

The Valley is amazing, the lake has this cold mist over it that looks so magical, we truly could be anywhere tucked away. We are so very lucky. I only hope Father Christmas can find us and that the Sausages don’t eat the Reindeer mix Christmas Eve!

We have had such an awesome year at Coots. So many wonderful memories have been made and so many fabulous families we have met and shared the moment of bringing a new Sausage into their lives. I never take this for granted. I am immensely proud of all our Sausages.

2023 is going to be another fab year! So much planned. Luna and Slinky are expecting litters in January which will kick off the New Year with a flying start.We are hoping that we can bring exciting news that our Nutty Nuttella is also expecting. Nutty is the love of our Daughter in Laws life who is beyond desperate to have a Nutty Pup and experience her first litter with us.

Thanks to everyone that supports us and follows our journey. We love what we do and its made better knowing we share it with other like minded passionate Dachshund Lovers!

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.