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What to Consider

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Am I ready for a Dachsund Puppy?

Please consider these points……

Once you have afforded the initial purchase of your puppy you will need to consider the other necessary costs to care and look after it. Food, vets fees, monthly pet insurance. A guide would be £28 per week.

The average life span of a ‘Sausage’ is 12 years. Can you provide a home and loving family for this long?

Do you have the time to exercise a Dachshund every day? A Dachshund will need about an hour’s exercise every day (not just running around in your garden).

Will your Dachshund have company at home for most of the time? Dachshunds can be noisy and destructive if not kept exercised mentally and physically – they like the company of people and other dogs.

If you answered no to any of these questions then please consider that a Dachshund Puppy is not for you.

Lots of interesting information about Dachshunds and their behaviour can be found on our Blog