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Mature Dachshunds for Sale

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5 Star License
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International Show Kennel

Coots at Eversden is foremost a professional show kennel. What is that? We breed only the best show dogs and we are always looking to achieve this aim by breeding dogs that we know have the correct temperament, conformity and pure bloodline to achieve the best breed of dachshund possible.

When a decision is made to take a pick of a litter what we know is that at 12 weeks old this is not possible to do.The dogs development is at the beginning of its journey. We have in the past kept a dog and have seen as its litter mates develop in their new homes, we have made the wrong choice. It’s not science , it’s life!

So two years ago we decided that any litter we were looking for a possible show dog, all the litter would be kept so we could see first hand the development ourselves. Each dog is trained from an early age to socilaise and to bring out the best possible temperament as it takes a special type of dog to be able to show at an International level. They need to be able to perform for their handler, love what they do, they are not anxious and often have to enjoy hours of travel too. It’s not for all dachshunds, as it wouldn’t be for all humans.

Any potential new owner of one of our infant puppies, or young adults, has the possibility to own a dog that is indeed very special. Although in the end this dog has not been chosen for show life, it is always a very difficult decision to make. You have the opportunity to own a dachshund that has been trained to be very special. For many, young puppies dont always suit a family situation and having an older dog who is ready to integrate immediately into family life, that is confident and independent is a great option. Also let’s look at some of the other benefits, at full maturity you can see your adult dog and know it is perfect in appearance. Typically any health issues will also present before a dog is 6 months old.

We have a number of mature dachshunds available to loving families and homes. These dogs are all precious to us and we consider it our duty to find them perfectly matched homes and sofas. Some of our dachshunds adore children, so finding a young family is a must for them. Others love the company of other dogs, so having a family with other dogs is a great match. If you are looking for a mature dachshund, then we will work with you to find the most suitable girl or boy to join your family. Remember the life expectancy of a dachshund is 12 + years. These girls and boys are still so very young and ready to start their lives with you.

All dogs have an International Pedigree, are fully vaccinated and have completed a socialisation programme.

Follow this page for updates on all our available girls and boys.

Miss Monica

7th August 2018

Our pint size princess Monica is a Shaded Red Kaninchen Longhaired Dachshund. A Champion and mother of Champions, we are looking for a special family for her. Monica loves nothing more than to snuggle up in front of the fire and snooze, all day if she could! She would love a sofa of her own, a human or two of her own and to be loved and adored because afterall she is a princess ! She would suit someone looking for a gentle companion. We hope to find her this.

£1450.00 ONO

*Longhaired Kaninchen Shaded Red Dachshund, FCI registered, fully health tested

Master Ralph

30th May 2021

Ralph is the very special son of Gella. This very obedient and loving Standard Smooth-haired boy has made us very proud by representing the kennel in many countries. A Balkan Champion, Ralph has multiple Champion Titles. It is now his time to find his own family and enjoy a life of love and play. We have no doubt that he will make a fabulous addition to any family.

£1750.00 ONO

*Black and Tan Standard Smooth, FCI Registered, Health Tested

Master Jasper

8th July 2022
Jasper is the very splendid son of Sir Johnnie, our World Champion Standard Longhaired boy. Kept by us at CAE to become part of our Show Team, Jasper, now of a showing age simply just doesn’t like the Limelight. We know he would prefer to be in a loving family environment and we want this for him very much as he is a kind, gentle, playful boy. Happiest playing outside with a ball and sunbathing in sun spots.

His stunning red coat, his conformation and his super personality makes him a very attractive boy. He is great with other dogs, and would be happy in a home with other 4 legged friends. He is not dominant and happy to be with others.

£1995.00 ONO

*Red Standard Longhaired, FCI Registered and Health tested


20th June 2022

Chocco is a super cute Miniature Chocolate Dapple and Tan Longhaired Boy. He is sweet, loves to have fun and is happy in the company of other dogs and humans.

We would love to find Chocco a truly loving family home as he so very much deserves the best. He was kept by us to become part of our breeding program as he has exceptional pedigree and comes from desirable bloodlines. Unfortunately, he is a little large as a Miniature, he exceeds 5kilo. It is for this reason only we believe it’s only right that Chocco is afforded a loving family of his own. He is a perfect boy and we know he will make the most perfect companion.

Chocco is socialised and ready for his life ahead.

£1750.00 ONO

*Chocolate Dapple and Tan Miniature Longhaired Dachshund, FCI a registered and Health Tested

Sarah Jayne

5 Years Old

Little Sarah Jayne is a poppet. A true Red Mini Smooth with a gentle heart and playful spirit.

Whilst accumulating a number of Championship titles, Sarah has also blessed us with two litters of puppies, one of her sons becoming a Best in Show Champion himself.

We are immensely proud of her and it has been a hard decision to say that she deserves to have her own sofa and to have the 1-1 love and attention from her own family now. She would dearly love to be with a family with or without other dogs but that are home almost all of the time for her to enjoy the company.

She is an easy going, happy little girl.


*Red Mini Smooth, FCI Registered and Fully Health Tested

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