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Mini Smooth Haired Dachshunds

Trusted Breeder
5 Star License
Fully Accredited
International Show Kennel

Dachshund (Miniature Smooth-Haired)

This recognisable breed is characterised by its long back, short legs, and diminutive stature. Despite its small size, the Miniature Smooth-Haired Dachshund remains strong and robust, boasting a well-muscled body, a broad chest, and sturdy front legs. Its coat is short, dense, and smooth, available in a variety of colours.

At Coots at Eversden we only breed FCI & The Royal Kennel Club recognised Breed Standard Colours. This is to ensure excellent health and quality.

All our boys and girls are recognised Champions prior to becoming mothers and fathers. Each dog has also been inspected by a minimum of three breed specialists.

Miss Peggy

Peggy is a wonderful character. She’s strong and capable, super fun and loved by all her Coots brothers and sisters.

A perfect pedigree and is a fantastic example of a miniature dachshund. A perfect 5 kilos with a silky smooth Black and Tan coat and lovely log hound ears.

Playing in the tunnel in the Coots nursery is her favourite pastime.

*Black and Tan miniature smooth. KC Registered. Health Tested

Miss Malone

If you have smelt the fragrance of Jo Malone then you will understand why this little treasure was named Malone.

Malone is exquisite. She is petite, pretty and has a great future ahead of her here at Coots Puppies.

Malone has been cherry picked for her exceptional breeding. Her pedigree is impeccable, she is a true princess to us.

*Red Smooth Miniature, KC Registered, FCI certified, Fully Health Checked


Master Boris

Boris is our mini firecracker.

All the girls love him as he’s playful, gentle but confident.

A Multiple Title holder, Boris is no stranger to the Arena but he’s happiest at home with his ladies!

He is a perfect example of a miniature smooth dachshund.

*Black and Tan Miniature Smooth Haired Dachshund, FCI registered and Health Tested

Miss Sassy

If you met her, you would know this little sausage is destined for big things.

Sassy ‘pot’ is a true beauty and a perfect example of the breed. She’s cheeky, fun loving, and about to embark on her journey in the show ring. We know she will make us proud.

Sassy’s favourite pastime is playing with her favourite teddies. She doesn’t like to share!

*Chocolate Dapple and Tan Miniature Dachshund, FCI registered and Health Tested

Master Oliver

Oliver is the most loyal, dependable, uncomplicated silver dapple smooth haired boy.

He loves his life in Bulgaria living amongst his favourite ladies. He is a shining example of the correct temperament of a mini dachshund and a firm favourite in the kennels. Olivers offspring are perfect family pups. Taking after their loveable father.

*Silver Dapple and Tan Smooth Haired Dachshund, FCI registered and Health Tested

Miss Rosie

Little Rosie Posie is a multiple winning champion. A perfectly sized miniature smooth chocolate and tan girl.

Not only has Rosie proven herself to be a shining Champion but also an excellent mother with Champion children of her own. She is loved and adored by all of the team in Bulgaria. Her favourite Sausage friend is Oliver, well of course! He has sired all of Rosie’s beautiful litters. Rosie will retire this year.

*Chocolate and Tan Miniature Smooth Haired Dachshund, FCI registered, and Health Tested

Miss Kara

Kara is our perfect little black and tan mini girl. She’s fun and feisty, loves a game of dress up and is a super little Mommy.
Exceptional bloodlines, Kara has produced some winning Champions.
Kara’s favourite game is hide and seek – she loves to hide under her bed and blankets

*Black and Tan miniature smooth, FCI registered, Health Tested

Miss Sarah Jayne

Our Sarah Jayne is a perfect gentle girl.

Exceptional pedigree from famous Russian bloodlines, Sarah is a perfect example of a mini smooth dachshund.

Sarah’s favourite pastime is being Marina’s shadow.
She loves to follow her round in the hope she can steal extra cuddles.

*Red Miniature Smooth, FCI registered and Health Tested


Our Bonita

You only have to look at photos to understand why we are so proud of Nita. She is a perfect miniature dachshund with outstanding proportions. She also has the most loving disposition.

Nita has qualified for Crufts two years in a row and has a long list of winning titles across Eastern Europe. The word proud doesn’t quite cover how we feel about her!

Now retired from the limelight, Nita is a wonderful Mommy and we are looking forward to more puppies in the future.

She is our Red Superstar!

*Miniature Red Smooth, KC Registered, Fully Health checked


Hannah ‘Banana’

Hannah is a smooth haired miniature girl of perfect proportions. A happy girl, she is always wagging her tail and the first to greet us in the mornings!
From exceptional bloodlines, Hannah has been chosen for her perfect lines. We know she will make a wonderful mother and we are so looking forward to her first litter 2023.
Hannah’s favourite thing is to help with the cleaning! Chasing the mop around the room!

*Red Miniature Smoothhaired , FCI pedigree, KC Registered & Fully Health Tested


Master Marcel

Marcel is a fabulous red smooth haired mini that we are delighted to say is our boy.

He is fun loving, gentle and kind. We know that he will be fabulous in the show ring and look forward to him becoming a Father one day.

From highly respected Pedigree and Champion lines, Marcel has a bright future ahead of him.

*Red Miniature Smoothhaired , FCI pedigree & Fully Health Tested


Master Franco

Son of Boris, Franco is very much the handsome stud his Daddy is. He is a perfect pocket sized mini smooth boy.

Franco is cheeky, loving and the most favourite playmate of all our infants. Lovingly known as Papa Franco, he has endless patience with the pups and loves to play and chase them for hours on end.

Exceptional pedigree and perfect conformity, Franco, like Daddy, is an excellent stud.

*Black & Tan Miniature Smooth haired. FCI registered, KC registration pending, Health Tested


Miss Emily

You only have to look at her petite face to see a little angel. She really is just that!

Emily is a mini smooth red with a beautiful pedigree and exceptional temperament.

We are looking forward to welcoming her first litter 2023 and truly believe she will love being a mother as her favourite pastime to always to play with the infants and cuddle up with them.

Emily’s bestie is Sarah Jayne, like two peas in a pod, these girls are fabulous!

*Red Miniature Smooth haired. FCI certified, Health Tested


Little Joy

Joy is a mini smooth haired Chocolate Dapple and Tan girl. Aptly named, as she is a true pleasure.

Joy is a great friend to all the girls and is a lovely mentor to the puppies in the nursery.

She is an excellent example of a true miniature smooth dachshund and is very much loved by us all.

* Chocolate Dapple and Tan Miniature Smooth Haired, FCI pedigree, Fully Health Tested


Miss Elsie

Elsie is our Chocolate bundle of fun. Always happy, Elsie’s favourite pastime is being out on the field or going on walkies. She loves the outdoors.

Look into her eyes – they are mesmerising and melt the hearts of everyone she meets.

A perfect mini smooth girl, we are so very proud of.

* Chocolate & Tan Miniature Smooth Haired,FCI Registered, Fully Health Tested

Little Miss Wilma

Little Wilma really is little. She is our very special Champion Kaninchen girl. Practically perfect in every way Wilma is under 3 kilos. She truly is a pint sized princess whom we all absolutely adore.

No stranger to the showring, Wilma has won multiple titles but she is now ready for the next part of her journey in life and to become a Mommy. We know she will be wonderful as she is gentle and kind and loving.

* Red, FCI certified, Fully Health Checked

Little Chap Brett

The second you meet him it’s hard not to fall in love with this cheeky chap. Brett is another of our pint sized heros. A small miniature smooth, Brett is fun, super friendly and always has a waggy tail.

A hit with the ladies, Brett loves to be with the girls and to play.

Of course he is a Champion!

* Red, FCI certified, Fully Health Checked

All Coots Sausages are fully health tested. We are happy to share Health Reports with prospective new Coots Puppy Owners.