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Fully Accredited
International Show Kennel

Today was more than amazing – we had almost no potty accidents, had a very brave walk around the neighbourhood and ate well – in the morning yoghurt and biscuits and in the afternoon Kong with some peanut butter. He will be ready for dinner in an hour or something, amazing boy!

Veselin Semerdzhiev

We have recently purchased a standard dachshund from Kate at Coots who was recommended to us by another dachshund owner.

You may find cheaper puppies online but they won’t have the pedigree, the health checks, the upbringing and the follow up advice and assistance. We are thrilled with our little girl and are so pleased we got in touch with Kate.

Tina Wagon

I first contacted Kate in February 2021 about welcoming a special little dachshund into our home. As a family, we had to wait all this time due to other things going on in our lives. Despite this long period of waiting, Kate has always been at the end of the phone and has always kept me updated on upcoming litters. Finally, the timings worked out this Spring, and I was kept updated on Bibby’s pregnancy journey, right from the day she came into season! It was so special to have been a part of it all. The day our little Sybil was born was the happiest day. She is now 11 weeks old and has been home for just over 24 hours, and her temperament and confidence is no doubt thanks to Kate and her team’s work. We can’t thank you all enough for our precious little girl

Vanessa Wells

I have been looking for a wee female dog for a long time, since I lost last wee female dog , what can I say about Kate at Coots ,that it’s been an absolute pleasure, I can’t thank Kate enough as I now have the most gorgeous wee girl that I adore Kate made everything so easy and she is always on hand to offer advice and help . Kate it was a pleasure to meet you and thankyou again

Carol-anne mccallum

Coots are amazing! Kate was so helpful, kind and she is extremely knowledgable about the breed.
All the dogs are so happy, extremely loved, well behaved and socialised at Coots.
We went to see Jamie and Kate showed us where he had lived which was fantastic. Can’t thank her enough. Would definitely recommend to anyone thinking of loving a Daxie!

Louise Birchenough

We always wanted a dachshund so spent a lot of time searching for the right breeder and with Kate we have undoubtedly found that. When the opportunity came to have an older dog we jumped at the chance! Thankfully Kate chose us for Slinky, she listened to our needs and understood how important it was to get it right for us and the dog.

The communication has been outstanding, every little question from us was answered and we were included with updates on how things were going. Kate always has time for you, she took extra time for us when we had an initial visit to talk to us and show us her amazing set up.

We needed to delay getting Slinky and Kate was so understanding, there was zero pressure on us to collect her. It was something that we will always be grateful for.

If you’re wanting a beautiful, socialised, healthy and loving dog then Kate at Coots will provide you with this and so much more. We are already planning to get another dog with Kate and we couldn’t think about using any other breeder!

Thank you for all you do!

Emma Gillen
Pippin (Slinky)

Finding the right breeder was really important to us and we did a lot of research when we decided to have a puppy. Coots really stood out for us.

Kate is hands down amazing! The care and attention she gives is incredible. The dogs are so well looked after and the puppies are so well prepared for when they leave with lots of socialisation and experiences, ready for their lives ahead.

Kate has been on had to answer any questions since Coco came home and also checks in to see how she’s doing. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kate, Coots really is exceptional!

Amelia Jordan

After a terrible experience with another breeder we found Kate!!

We cannot recommend Kate enough! The whole experience was absolutely superb. It is clear from the way Kate conducts her business and how much she cares about what she does.
My husband was so impressed he even shed a tear :).
We are over the moon, and most importantly we have a very healthy and happy puppy, thank you so much Kate!

Karolina Plak

Thank you Kate for our wonderful little Milton. He is confident, social and a very happy little guy and that is testament to the work you have put in during his first 9 weeks. From the moment I made contact with you, and even now, I know that I’m going to get a quick comprehensive answer to any questions I have. Coots came highly recommended from other puppy.owners and now, through my own experience I couldn’t recommend you highly enough. We are so happy that Milton is part of our family.

Vanessa Murchison

After following Kate for some time on socials, with the view to adding a puppy to our family, our vision changed to a more suited mature girl – Luna
Being able to offer Luna a loving home after having two beautiful litters with Coots has been a dream. She is such a lovely girl, she adores my children and has slotted right into place with our other dachshund boys.
Although a mature dog was not what we originally found Kate at Coots for, it has been our absolute pleasure to rehome Luna 🙂

Megan Ginter

Fantastic family and breeder of daschunds, we went to see a certain little lady daschund called Skittles who was gorgeous, we also saw a couple of other daschunds but Kate recommended Skittles was ideal for our family and she was 100% correct. Lovely chilled out visit to see the dogs in the garden, simple paperwork to fill in with the added bonus of a big goody bag for Skittles.
We are so happy with her Kate.
Thank you for your time with us.
Andrew, Helen, Milkie, Elsie, Mavis and Skittles 😊

Andrew Lees

I cannot recommend Kate enough! The whole experience from start to finish was absolutely superb. It is clear from the way Kate conducts her business how much she cares about what she does.

I had pretty much daily updates from even before Thais was pregnant which really made me feel totally involved in every second.

Moose is now home and he is the most wonderful puppy. 10/10 for all of coots!

Thank you so much!

Jenny Cowlam

I have owned a miniature dachshund for almost 13 years. When my daughter wanted to buy a puppy herself she thoroughly explored the availability of quality breeders. She came across Kate Venables at Coots Puppies (now Coots Eversden) and put her name down on a waiting list. She secured the purchase of a chocolate and tan long-haired puppy and named him Moose. On completion of her mother duties, Moose’s mum was offered to me as a rehome. I jumped at the chance to have a beautiful, mature dachshund to complement an older dog and puppy situation at my home. I feel that this was a unique opportunity to have mum and son living together with our dog and the trio would be complete. Kate has been exceptional in providing me with all the background information on Daphne (formally known as Thais) and I feel more than prepared to take on another adult dog. I feel her pedigree is secured and now her breeding experience is complete she needs a quality home for the next phase of her life. She has been a show dog, become a mother and now needs a family home. She will have a life now as a pet and I can offer her a chance to be just that. Kate’s experience as a breeder ensures that she has very high quality dogs to re home once their breeding experience ends. Their condition and temperament is exceptional and therefore rehoming an adult dog becomes easier. I feel these mature dogs can offer love and companionship to any situation and make long lasting friends with humans and dogs alike. I hope more people embrace the benefit of taking on a mature dog at home as this can provide benefits from both perspectives. Kate believes that her dogs deserve the best chance to live out their lives as well loved pets in a family home where they will be safe and happy. Dogs have many phases in their lives and I am pleased to be able to offer my dog the opportunity to live out her life in exactly that way. She deserves nothing less. Puppies undoubtedly have the “ah” factor but are also very hard work. They also need toilet training. Mature dogs have most of those elements sorted which can be a huge bonus. They’re ready to go. So, when you are considering having a dog please contact Kate to discuss what options are available. All dogs need loving homes, not just puppies.

Lesley Cowlam
Daphne (formally known as Thais)

Highly recommend coots dachshunds amazing set up and Kate is so good at was she does. Producing beautiful dogs! Her dogs are all so happy healthy and well cared for. My little pup isn’t fazed of anything and Kate has clearly done an amazing job with her. Will definitely be back for another coots baby!
Thank you for allowing little miss paisley be apart of Devondax.


If you are looking to have a sausage dog then look no further. Following every stage of my puppy from birth has been a complete joy. Meeting everyone at Coot’s Fest initially was fantastic! Kate’s regular video updates and photos meant that when I collected George it was like I had known him forever. Meeting him at 3 weeks with his siblings and mum Luna was a very special day and Kate gave great advice and clearly lives and breathes her beautiful sausages. You couldn’t wish for a more caring breeder. George is an utter joy and thanks to all of Kate’s hard work he has settled with us wonderfully. Thank you so much Kate, and for anyone reading this, get a Coot’s puppy!!!

Lucy Reinhold

What can I say other than thank you to Kate! I first contacted just testing the waters as we had been let down by a breeder and a rescue charity…from the first text to even now the lines of communication have been excellent even though we encountered some issues (not of mine or Kate’s fault) which meant we now have the stunning Ronnie in our family.
I can’t stress how professional the Coots team is, the premises are fantastic and you know you’re are dealing with an expert breeder …..but more importantly, the dogs are all well looked after, happy and healthy .

Matthew Stringer

We couldn’t recommended Coots highly enough! We’ve just taken home our Margo, who is a standard short haired dachshund. We’ve been kept so up to date from the very start of her journey. It’s been a privilege to see her grow and have such amazing input from Kate. We’ve seen her personality grow and we are so excited for all that is to come. The puppies and older dogs are so loved and well looked after.
You are welcomed from the start and Kate puts you at such ease! We are so proud to have Margo and to be part of the coots family! Thank you Kate 💕
We can’t wait for cootsfest and to see all the sausages again 🤩

Kate Milne

I had been on the search for a standard dachshund for a while and was waiting until i had found a breeder where i knew the pups were being being cared for well enough and bred to the right standards, as this is so important with this breed.

Well what can i say i can not recommend COOTS highly enough, Kate was amazing through the entire process, with multiple updates daily from mating all the way to collection day (& beyond! with our whatapp group !) We have full health history of both parents and up to 5 generations KC documents.

From the very first time i contacted Coots enquiring about a dachshund, i knew i had found something special, and am extremely grateful i am able to have little audrey with me today

You really do feel like you’re part of the family, and have endless support and care with these pups.

I will 100% recommend kate for anyone who is looking for a Dachshund puppy !


It seems so hard to capture in words how truly wonderful our whole experience has been. We felt very much a part of our puppies life from day 1 and kept informed with pupdates daily.
A very passionate and knowledgeable breeder who I’d now consider to be a great friend, so grateful our paths crossed.
Thank you for a 5 star experience and thank you for trusting us with such a beautiful girl who we will love furever ❤️

Avril Grattage

I couldn’t recommend Kate enough for all her support both in the lead up to bringing our little girl home but also for the ongoing support when she joined our family.

From the moment I enquired about our little Dolly, Kate provided us with constant updates and invited me down to Coots before I made any decisions about bringing her home. At no point did I feel pressured or rushed into making a decision. From the moment I arrived at Coots I know that I had found the right breeder for me.

Dolly was definitely the most shy out of the bunch and when I returned just a few days later to bring her home i could already see a huge difference in her confidence which is no doubt due to all the hard work Kate was putting in, in the background.

Since brining Dolly home, Kate has been there every step of the way for any worry or concern and I especially love the group that she has set up for her other sisters to allow us all the keep in touch and watch them grow.

Dolly is the most perfect sausage which such an amazing temperament.

I can’t wait to attend Coots annual meet up later in the year and wouldn’t hesitate to go back to Kate if I ever wanted to add to my sausage clan.

Chloe, Simon and Dolly ❤️

Chloe Duxbury

The BEST breeder around.

I found Kate almost a year ago after spending a long time researching and trying to find a well established breeder and was blown away by her ethics towards sausage dog breeding. For me, this was the most important thing and something very important to me when buying a puppy dachshund. Kate answered all of my questions without any hesitation from the beginning no matter how much I asked including all information on health checks and KC registration.

She has been amazing the entire way through, from the first time I contacted her and even weeks after collecting my girl. She gave me updates daily and is always a text away no matter what. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience and breeder. She adores all her dogs immensely and it really shows, she is completely transparent which was key for me and I wouldn’t trust anyone but her.

I could go on forever about how amazing the whole experience was, including everything Kate did for Valentine, such as her microchipping and socialisation before I collected her. We left with all her paper work that Kate had in order for us which made life super easy when we collected her. She goes way above and beyond as a breeder and I feel so grateful to have been able to have one of her pups. Just know you are in the best hands possible with Kate and her puppies are utterly gorgeous.

Thank you a million! Hopefully in the future I will be back for a second.

Alexandra Finch

To Kate and the team
Like everyone has stated, the dedication and kindness of Kate from the start so nothing but the best.

My husband and I were a bit aprehensive at first in getting a little dachshund because of all the stories you hear about their backs and problems but that was all put to rest with all the lovely support that we got from Kate and how she told us which one to go for due to our situations (there are a lot of stairs in the house!)

The non stop support on WhatsApp, all the questions were answered – it was almost that we had Kate in the house. It was faultless and also how much she cares for these little ones and their mums. She still keeps us informed of news etc on the group chat

From the previous dogs that we have had, I think you cannot fault Kate and the team and if you do want a little one and unsure a sausage dog does not suit you – ring Kate first and she will let you know and which type to go for

I could not be any happier with him today and has such a wonderful temperament and keep me on my toes

Yasmin Askew

Kate & Co

Well what can I say, apart from a huge thank you for the support, guidance & 100% reassurance you delivered through the entire process of my girl & Blue.
You were so caring & incredibly generous with your patience ( even though you were moving on the very day my girl was giving birth 😂)
Bambi give birth to five healthy babies, no complications
Human mum happy too

I personally wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kate/ Coots to any persons who have any interest in breeding, buying dachshunds

Thank you once again 😊

Stella willsher lloyd
Bambino & Blue

We’re do we start. From the day we started our doggy journey Kate and the coots team have been amazing. We had constant updates, pictures, advice & support. I would 100% recommend this breeder to anyone interested in Dachshunds and can honestly say we have found a friend in Kate and we will be dropping Dotty off for day dates with Bean and Blue. A+++++

Nick Moulton

We adopted our wonderful Teddy in summer 2022 and have been so impressed with Kate all the way through the adoption process.

Kate was always so responsive and helpful throughout and after our adoption. She welcomed the whole family and made us all part of the process. She is so caring and that comes across in the pups who are clearly nurtured and healthy.

We’d love to adopt from Kate again!

Our Teddy is very special to us.

Louise Lewis

We found Kate in the summer of 2022 via a recommendation from someone on Instagram. We messaged Kate to ask if she had any boys left from her most recent litter (born July 2022) and thus began our journey to welcoming our beloved Norman into our family. ❤️
Kate was fantastic, sending us lots of information and photos, and really vetting us to make sure her pups went to their perfect home.
Once we had chosen our pup from pictures, we went down to visit him, Kate and Beanie in person, which was so lovely and very reassuring to meet his siblings and see where the pups had been born and raised.
Kate added us to a WhatsApp group with the fellow “pawrents-to-be” and kept us all up to date with daily videos and photos of the litter (highlight of our day whilst counting down to collect our little man). The group has since proved really supportive for queries anyone has had since getting the pups home, and Kate is fantastic at responding quickly to anyone’s questions or worries.
We feel SO lucky to have stumbled upon Coots Dachshunds and really feel part of a community of sausage dog lovers who want the best for their pups. Kate hosted the Coots alumni at her annual party and it was so lovely to meet Norman’s siblings and other Coots dogs, as well as see Kate and her family again.
Would recommend Kate without a doubt, and when we come to thinking about adding a second sausage to our family, we would think of nowhere else to go but Coots. Thank you Kate for giving us the gift of our Norman, and all the support you’ve provided alongside.

Love Hannah, Jon & Norm xxx

Hannah Rodrick


Thank you so much for all of your help and support whilst myself and my partner were searching for our first puppy. You provided so much knowledge, care and attention to detail and made the experience utterly perfect. When visiting we could tell within minutes how much care and attention goes into the pups and even with the after care, we are never hesitant if we need to message you or are unsure about anything.

Our gorgeous boy pickle is the biggest joy in our lives and we are so grateful to you for truly everything. We will be looking for another gorgeous pup in the near future and will not hesitate to come back. Thank you. X


Our Marlo is an absolute dream. We first enquired about him when he was just 10 days old, and from then onwards we had constant update pictures and videos from Kate almost daily, which meant we felt we had a real connection with him before we even picked him up! Kate is astonishingly good at what she does, with no question being too much and always being happy to help pretty much 24/7. We cannot thank her enough for all the hard work she puts into raising such incredible pups, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for their dream dachshund puppy!

Alice Colnaghi

I just wanted to say Thank you to Kate at Coots. She came highly recommended to me by a colleague of mine who has a Coots Puppy and I have followed her on Instagram for some time now.
Kate has been very kind, helping me to rehome my Dachshund. Im really grateful for the advice she gave me, I found her so approachable and trustworthy.
Reluctantly due to a change in circumstances, I had no other choice but to find a loving home for him and after speaking with Kate she was very understanding and offered to help me. Im very grateful, not only as she is an amazing breeder but she also cares hugely not only about her own dogs but others too.
Thanks so much Kate for all your help and support during a difficult time, Im very grateful.

Diana Coward

Thank you so much Kate for bringing Penny into our lives! She’s a perfect little pup. The entire process was amazing. We got photo and video updates on the litter and the parents throughout the pregnancy until the pick up date. Kate starts socialising the puppies and keeps them busy with different plays and feeders so our Penny was well prepared prior to coming to her forever home with us. It’s difficult to find a trustful breeder these days but Kate is transparent and the entire team are always ready to answer any questions you may have. I would definitely recommend Coots Puppies if you want a little sausage in your life!


Douglas our Standard Chocolate Dapple has now been home with us 3 weeks and has quickly become a much loved member of our family.
From our first contact with Kate at Coots to the day we brought Dougie home, we’ve had nothing but positive experiences. As new dog owners it was quite daunting choosing a breeder, but as soon as we found Kate we new we had found the right one. The communication, daily videos, photos and weight charts all went above and beyond our expectations.
Being included in his journey from Wilma’s pregnancy to collection meant that we already felt such a strong bond towards him before he even came home. It’s also been really lovely to have contact with the other owners in the litter to share the experience along the way.
We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Coots to anyone considering a Dachshund. We might even be back one day for another!….

Laura Ashcroft & Family

After much consideration we decided to make our son’s dreams come true and buy him a dachshund. After speaking with Kate, we knew that Coots were going to be the perfect breeder for us.
We had absolutely no idea what kind of service we would receive as this is our first family pet. WOW is all I can say! I did not expect the length of knowledge, love, care, compassion or dedication to the job or puppies that we witnessed.
We were involved in the pregnancy, received regular pup dates and continued support throughout which also has extended after we took Tito home.
It is unheard of to find a breeder this level of excellence ….. even the vet agreed on our first visit!
We cannot thank Coots enough for bringing so much joy to our lives and completing our family.

Laura Blandford & Family June 2022

What can I say about Coots?

We were looking for a Mini Dachshund and found Coots. As first time dog owners we needed all the support that is out there which Kate provided from the very beginning. Kate advised which dog was best for us and what we needed to do every step of the way. She is always at the end of the phone or WhatsApp.

Coots are never too busy to share pupdates. We received regular updates from scans, the birth, to the pups first pose for the camera.

Arthur Sully is wonderful and it’s clear to see how much care and love has been put into raising him for us. I am sure we will need help and advice with Arthur for a while and know Kate and her team will be there us.

I am also sure I will get talked into having another dachshund in the future!

Sarah Hyde
Arthur Sully

Looking for a dachshund puppy? Well, you might have found the perfect breeder!

Knowledgeable, kind, caring, experienced are few words I would use to describe Kate! From 3 days old I was kept up to date with every step of my puppy’s journey. Kate loves her dogs very much and all the attention and hard work she gives is truly amazing.

Coffee (my standard dachshund pup) is a healthy, playful, cheeky, confident all round happy boy who loves life (and cuddles) more than anything… I put this down to the wonderful start he had in his life with Kate and cannot recommend and her staff enough. I might pop back into her waiting list again soon!

Julia May
2022 - Coffee

Not sure where to start… Kate has been absolutely amazing since day dot. We received daily updates throughout pregnancy and when puppies were born! Kate is so so informative and will go above and beyond for anyone.

The time and care she puts in is phenomenal, and I am one of many very lucky customers to own a puppy from Blue & Wilma, Nelly, our short-haired, chocolate and tan standard dachshund. We are so so in love with the personality she is already developing!

Thank you again Kate & Team!! Xx

Emily Fennel
2022 - Nelly

We are lucky enough to have just welcomed a beautiful silver dapple puppy
into our family. This is our first sausage dog. I wanted an assured breeder to
ensure that our new puppy had the highest welfare standards and the best
possible development and socialisation opportunities.

Well my expectations have been well and truly surpassed. The whole journey has been a great experience, so much advice, help & information. We have all valued the daily updates, photos and videos. I now understand why dachshund are addictive!

Thank you so much Kate for all your help, support and the fabulous new
puppy who has joined our family.

Alison Schanz
2022 - Coco

Wow, what a magical experience from pregnancy to collection.

Bertie has arrived in our home a happy and confident dog who has settled like she has always been here.

I couldn’t ask for more.

Heidi Bird
2022 - Bertie

A huge thanks to Kate and the Coots team for giving us such a fantastic puppy – Henry, our 9 week old standard Black and Tan Dachshund.

Kate has kept us informed of his progress since his birth with daily updates until we collected him. This included a weekly weight chart as well as several videos and photos.

The level of care and attention has certainly had a positive effect on Henry as when we brought him home he settled straight into his overnight crate with no fuss at all and has totally adapted to his new family environment from day one. In addition Kate has regularly checked in to ensure Henry has settled and been available for any questions or concerns, of which there are none.

We have zero hesitation in recommending purchasing a Dachshund, so much so my daughter has subsequently purchased a Coots puppy, Henry’s sister, to be collected upon her return from holiday!

Rayner Butler
May 2022 - Henry

We are over the moon with our little Chevy, Kate was amazing from the day we contacted her about Chevy, up to the day we collected him. Lots of pup dates and really informative. I wouldn’t go anywhere else to get a dachshund. Kate thank you so much, we will be forever grateful you picked us, Chevy will be our special boy forever!

Chelsea Ross
2022 - Chevy

Having never had a puppy before (and to be honest being pretty clueless,) our prayers were answered when we found Kate and Coots puppies! She was so helpful and informative and instantly we knew she was the best! No question was too much trouble to answer and she was always available to chat. There were no questions where we were to get our gorgeous boy from! The amount of care Kate gives the puppies is second to none. We were sent daily pupdates, weekly weight checks and so much more. Nothing was too much trouble for her. She really is the best. Our boy Lenny is an absolute credit to her and her hard work. He’s fit perfectly into our family. He truly is the most beautiful natured puppy and we will be forever grateful to Coots’s and Kate!

Amy & Stephen
2022 - Lenny

We have navigated the minefield that is trying to find the perfect dog from the perfect breeder. We found Kate through the kennel club assured breeder list and although timing wasn’t right for us with how Kate’s litters fell and we didn’t buy from her, I was really reassured by Kates professionalism and passion. Kate has been a real beacon in a world that could easily take you down the wrong path. Thank you and keep up the good work!

Paul Boden

I would highly recommend Coots Puppies what an amazing service and helpful people. From day one always happy to answer all questions and give advice 24/7. I was looking so long to find a perfect stud for my Dachshund girl and I’m so happy I found the best one! We have 8 mix of dapple healthy puppies. Couldn’t recommend enough!

Arune Girntye Bella
8 Healthy Puppies

We have recently purchased a new addition to our family, little Logan and we are so thrilled, he’s settling in really well and we are enjoying every moment of getting to know him. Kate and her team have been incredible, and kept us fully informed about Logan and his progress right up to the point of collection (and beyond)! You really feel involved in your puppy’s development right from the start. Aftercare is amazing and Kate and her team are always happy to help. Logan is the perfect fit for our family! Thank you Kate and the team.

2022 - Logan

I was extremely fortunate to get a standard dachshund puppy from Kate. The entire experience was seamless from start to finish & there was no question left unanswered. Well let me just tell you now, if you’ve come across Coots puppies you don’t need to look any further. Kate is not just a breeder, they are not just dogs. The puppies have the absolute best upbringing and socialisations from the minute they are born. Kate puts 110% into the parental matches & the puppies, considering the best matched natures, personalities & the most healthy, aesthetically pleasing features from each the mum & dad. When you enquire about these puppies, they are the best of the best & also bred by the best. I can’t wait to have more dealings with Kate in the future & I am so so grateful to have met her.

Jen Punton
2022 - Jasper

If you are looking for outstanding Dachshund breeder Coots is the one! Kate has been incredible, from the moment we talked and visited we knew this is the place for us. From when we met our Winnie, who was from Blue and Luna’s litter, Kate has kept us up to date with information and pictures and is always just a message away if we need her. Nothing is ever too much. Kate’s knowledge and pure love for the breed is something to admire and it really shows within the care she’s gives all the dogs. If you are like us, we found it hard to trust anyone who was breeding dachshunds and we wanted someone who has a genuine love for the breed and it’s future and that person was Kate. We Highly highly recommend, please don’t think twice, just meet Kate and you will fall in love with coots!

Lauren Kelley
2022 - Winnie

After searching for a reputable KC registered breeder, we came across Kate at Coots Puppies. We’ve had our beautiful boy Neil for a few days now, he is confident, gentle and such a joy to have around. Kate is so welcoming and always a message away to answer any questions you may have. The informative resources she provides will give confidence to any new owner and makes the whole experience a pleasure – the daily picture updates of our boy being a highlight! We are so glad we found you Kate and would recommend you to anyone in a heart beat, thank you for everything!

Lauren Pooley
2022 - Neil

We’ve never had a puppy before, did our research on breeders and went to visit Kate’s puppies. She was our first breeder to visit and once we saw the puppies and heard her experience we immediately knew we didn’t have to go anywhere else. Kate is the most loving and trusted person I’ve ever met and can always expect good quality puppies from her. We’re in love with our little Luna and would recommend Kate to anyone looking for a Dachshund.

Kacper Maniak
2022 - Luna

We purchased our little Spencer after looking online for a registered Dachshund KC Registered Breeder. From first contact with Kate I knew we’d found a true passionate breeder. From day one had daily reports, videos and photo. On picking Spencer up for his forever home All her dogs welcome u into Kate’s home and smother u with love. Coots also provides 5 weeks pet insurance and a welcome home pack with little tips and dog treats. Thanks Kate ur one in a million,  can’t recommend u enough!

Giles Whallie
2021 - Spencer

‘Amazing’ is all I can say. I extensively researched dachshund breeders and came across Coots puppies. Kate has been absolutely amazing throughout the whole process, from me completing the application form to the collection of our beautiful Blossom.  Kate puts so much effort into raising these puppies. We had constant updates throughout with photos and videos daily, so we could see her grow. It felt like we knew Blossom before she even came home.  Blossom is the most perfect little girlie, so loving, confident, playful, full of energy and has an amazing temperament.  I would 100% recommend contacting Kate for one of her beautiful puppies. They are all just pure perfection

Nikki Brocklehurst
2021 - Blossom

Well, what can I say? We’ve had our boy for four days now and we are thrilled! He’s an absolute delight 🥰 This is our first time owning a puppy and we couldn’t have wished for a better experience. From first contact Kate has been amazing. She answered all of our questions and continues to offer support and advice now. We were included in the process from Beanie’s pregnancy onwards, with daily updates all of the way through. During a recent puppy training session, the trainer said that our boy was the calmest puppy she had ever met and he was a credit to the breeder and the start she has given him. I couldn’t agree more! I can’t recommend Coots Puppies highly enough. Thank you Kate!

Joanne Cootes
2021 - Hector

We Purchased our Beautiful girl from Kate at Coots Puppies. We were so pleased with the detail and regular updates she provided us with from Beanies pregnancy to the birth and beyond. Nothing is too much trouble. Our girl is in beautiful shape and is a confident little puppy with such a nice character. Kate micro chips the puppies and provides the first vaccination as well. Pup comes with mummy’s scented blanket too. Kate even created a puppy chat group for all us puppy parents to communicate after sale, which was a lovely touch. We definitely recommend.

Katey Holmes
2020 - Mini

We highly recommend Coots Puppies, Beanie & Kate did a great job of nurturing & caring for the pups from birth till the time we took our gorgeous boy home, we were kept up to date with text messages, photo’s & video’s, also regular visits to see mommy & pups together. Kate is very experienced & always put Beanie & her pups first, our boy is a very healthy & confident pup full of character with a lovely temperament. A joy to have. 💙

Dee Preston
2020 - Walter

I purchased two puppies from Coots Puppies and would highly recommended them to anyon looking for a dachshund. Our pups are a delight. They are in exceptional health and such fun loving dogs. Both our pups are confident which I believe is down to the socialisation they received whilst in Kates care. We received regular updates, Kate sent pictures and videos so we all felt involved during Beanies pregnancy, the birth and then those early days and weeks that are so special. Nothing was too much trouble.

Mabel & Frank
2020 - Mabel & Frank