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Our Dachshunds

Trusted Breeder
5 Star License
Fully Accredited
International Show Kennel

All Coots Sausages are fully health tested. We are happy to share Health Reports with prospective new Coots Puppy Owners.


Our Lad Ronnie

Ronnie is a mini smooth from highly reputable blood lines. Selected carefully for our Coots mini girls Peggy ,Maggie & Elsie.

A sensitive gentle boy who is super kind.

Whilst Ron is still just a young boy, we look forward to him being able to sire what we truly believe will be amazing dachshunds.

Ron’s favourite things are Slippers, Antlers and his teddy.

We are very excited to watch this little fella grow.

*Miniature Smooth Silver Dapple and Tan, KC registered and fully Health Tested

Miss Saffy

Saffy ( Saffina) is a perfect little girl who always has a twinkle in her eyes. She’s sweet, loving and no stranger to the show ring, our true mini champion.

Saffy’s favourite pastime is playing with the other mini girls. She loves to explore.

We are excited for Saffy to have babies as we know they will be just perfect like their mommy.

*Black and Tan Miniature Smooth, FCI registered, Health Tested.

Miss Peggy

Peggy is a wonderful character. She’s strong and capable, super fun and loved by all her Coots brothers and sisters.

A perfect pedigree and is a fantastic example of a miniature dachshund. A perfect 5 kilos with a silky smooth Black and Tan coat and lovely log hound ears.

Playing in the tunnel in the Coots nursery is her favourite pastime.

*Black and Tan miniature smooth. KC Registered. Health Tested

Miss Maggie

Maggie Moo is quiet and well mannered making her a firm favourite at Coots. Always looking to please and always kind and loving. A perfect little sausage.

Maggie has excellent pedigree, with carefully selected Hungarian bloodlines, she comes from excellent pedigree and Champion lines.

Maggie PRA Clear and Fully Health Tested.

*Black and Tan smooth miniature, KC Registered, Fully Health Checked

Miss Malone

If you have smelt the fragrance of Jo Malone then you will understand why this little treasure was named Malone.

Malone is exquisite. She is petite, pretty and has a great future ahead of her here at Coots Puppies.

Malone has been cherry picked for her exceptional breeding. Her pedigree is impeccable, she is a true princess to us.

*Red Smooth Miniature, KC Registered, FCI certified, Fully Health Checked


Our Bonita

You only have to look at photos to understand why we are so proud of Nita. She is a perfect miniature dachshund with outstanding proportions. She also has the most loving disposition.

Nita has qualified for Crufts two years in a row and has a long list of winning titles across Eastern Europe. The word proud doesn’t quite cover how we feel about her!

Now retired from the limelight, Nita is a wonderful Mommy and we are looking forward to more puppies in the future.

She is our Red Superstar!

*Miniature Red Smooth, KC Registered, Fully Health checked

Master Rufus

Little Rufus is a massive favourite with the girls in Bulgaria. He is sweet, kind and will always wait for his brothers and sisters to take a turn first.

His gentle demeanour means he is exceptionally loyal. He waits for instructions , just adorable.

2023 is a big year for Rufus as he starts competing Internationally. We just know the judges will love him. Not just a lovely boy he is very handsome and a perfect example of a mini smooth dachshund.

*Red Miniature Smooth, FCI registered, Health Tested


Master Boris

Boris is our mini firecracker.

All the girls love him as he’s playful, gentle but confident.

A Multiple Title holder, Boris is no stranger to the Arena but he’s happiest at home with his ladies!

He is a perfect example of a miniature smooth dachshund.

*Black and Tan Miniature Smooth Haired Dachshund, FCI registered and Health Tested

Miss Sassy

If you met her, you would know this little sausage is destined for big things.

Sassy ‘pot’ is a true beauty and a perfect example of the breed. She’s cheeky, fun loving, and about to embark on her journey in the show ring. We know she will make us proud.

Sassy’s favourite pastime is playing with her favourite teddies. She doesn’t like to share!

*Chocolate Dapple and Tan Miniature Dachshund, FCI registered and Health Tested

Master Oliver

Oliver is the most loyal, dependable, uncomplicated silver dapple smooth haired boy.

He loves his life in Bulgaria living amongst his favourite ladies. He is a shining example of the correct temperament of a mini dachshund and a firm favourite in the kennels. Olivers offspring are perfect family pups. Taking after their loveable father.

*Silver Dapple and Tan Smooth Haired Dachshund, FCI registered and Health Tested

Miss Rosie

Little Rosie Posie is a multiple winning champion. A perfectly sized miniature smooth chocolate and tan girl.

Not only has Rosie proven herself to be a shining Champion but also an excellent mother with Champion children of her own. She is loved and adored by all of the team in Bulgaria. Her favourite Sausage friend is Oliver, well of course! He has sired all of Rosie’s beautiful litters. Rosie will retire this year.

*Chocolate and Tan Miniature Smooth Haired Dachshund, FCI registered, and Health Tested

Miss Kara

Kara is our perfect little black and tan mini girl. She’s fun and feisty, loves a game of dress up and is a super little Mommy.
Exceptional bloodlines, Kara has produced some winning Champions.
Kara’s favourite game is hide and seek – she loves to hide under her bed and blankets

*Black and Tan miniature smooth, FCI registered, Health Tested

Miss Sarah Jayne

Our Sarah Jayne is a perfect gentle girl.

Exceptional pedigree from famous Russian bloodlines, Sarah is a perfect example of a mini smooth dachshund.

Sarah’s favourite pastime is being Marina’s shadow.
She loves to follow her round in the hope she can steal extra cuddles.

*Red Miniature Smooth, FCI registered and Health Tested

Miss Emery

Miss Emery, our Junior Champion, is instantly recognisable by her tiger brindle coat. She always has a spring in her step and a super waggy tail.

Selected for her quality bloodlines, and from the same kennel as Miss Malone, we know that this girl has a bright future and will be a gentle mother.

Emery’s favourite game is to play hide and seek, particularly when it’s time to come back inside.

*Red Brindle Miniature Smooth Dachshund, FCI registered and Health Tested

Mr Coot

Actually called Hugo, nicknamed Coot.
Coot is a Shaded Red big strong Standard Dachshund.

Coot spends his time basking in the sun or hunting for rabbits. He’s fit, muscular and very handsome.

Always the brother and never the father, Hugo is gentle, kind and will always wait for everyone else to take a turn before he does. A true gentleman.

*Shaded Red Standard, Non KC

Mr Blue

Our Russion Stud, bred from Champion lines from the well known Primum Genus Kennel. Blue is an exceptionally handsome Silver Dapple Standard. Loves the ladies but a very sweet and loving boy.

He stole our hearts on first meeting him and we are delighted he is now part of Coots Puppies family.

*Silver Dapple Standard, KC Registered, FCI Certified, Fully Health Checked

Master Ralph

Master Ralph loves nothing more than playing with his dad Flaming and his brother Jacky.

Whilst he may look like a strong and handsome aloof boy. He is super gentle, loves cuddles and is a good listener.

A true Champion just like his Father and Brother, Ralph has exceptional pedigree and a winning personality combined.

*Black and Tan Standard Smooth, FCI Registered, Health Tested

Miss Bibby

Bibby is our special Black and Tan standard girl. Playing fetch and being with her pals is her favourite pastime.

She is a wonderful Mommy as she’s super loving and especially beautiful.

Bibby’s pedigree, from champion Russian Lines promises great things for her puppies.

*Black and Tan Standard, KC Registered, FCI Certified, Fully Health Checked

Our Ernie

This is Ernie. He is the Son of Coots Bibby and Fred. A magnificent Cootscanis bred boy that we cannot wait until he is old enough to be a father himself.

A Red Smooth Standard boy , this chaps fur is like velvet and his temperament is to match. Soft and gentle and a fun loving boy.

Of course, how can we not mention his ears! This boy is the most handsome hound we have had the privilege of breeding. We are immensely proud of him.

*Red Standard, KC Registered, Fully Health Checked.

Mr Frederico

Our stunning boy Freddy is himself a champion winning many Junior Champion and Best of Show titles across Eastern Europe.

Freddy is handsome, proud and very polite. He loves his family and is always gentle with the girls. We love his striking red coat, he’s always shiny.

*Red Standard Smooth Haired, KC Registered, FCI certified, Fully Health Checked

Master Flaming

As his name suggests, our boy is Flaming Hot! His handsome looks and regal stance mean he is a winner in both the show ring and the kennels. All the ladies adore him.

Flaming has sired many Champions. He is a true superstar.

When not looking striking for the cameras, he loves a good Anter, that keeps him happy for hours!

*Black and Tan Standard Smooth Standard, FCI registered, Health Tested

Lady Gella

Gella is a true lady. She is gracious, kind, ridiculously beautiful and has exceptional pedigree.

No stranger to the show ring, Gella is a Champion in many counties. She has also blessed us with some of the most impressive Standard Smooth Dachshunds. Her children hold Multiple Country Championship titles including Best of Breed and Best of Show.

We are totally smitten and beyond proud of our girl.

*Red Standard Smooth Dachshund, FCI registered, KC registered and Heath Tested


Like Father like Son, DJ is a shining star at Coots at Eversden.

Our devilishly handsome boy has accumulated more titles and trophies than you can imagine. A truly acclaimed long haired mini boy who we are proud to say is a World Champion.

DJ, Like Danny his father is a gentle, playful boy. Best friends with the other long haired sausages, when he’s not competing he does rather favour Lady Emma Watson. Hard not to see why they aren’t the best of pals!

If DJ can fit us in between his busy schedule jet setting round the world competing, we plan for him to sire some beautiful litters.


Princess Lottie

We get excited when we talk about our Princess.

A Shaded Red Long Haired Miniature Dachshund bred from the very best bloodlines, her parents are both World Champions and exceptional loving dachshunds.

The apple of our eye, we are so excited to see Princess Lottie develop and grow. She is the sweetest most loving Sausage in the Coots Family.

Lottie’s favourite thing in the world is cuddles. Particularly Mommy Coots cuddles.

*Shaded Red, Miniature Long Haired, KC registered, Fully Health Checked

Miss Penny

Miss Penny is so much like Miss Daphne. Both such sweet pretty silver dapple mini long haired girls.
A perfect Mommy, so attentive and gentle, Miss Penny is one of our most affectionate girls.
Penny’s beautiful pedigree and confirmation has won her titles in the show ring.
Her favourite things are her teddy, pigs ears and lots of cuddles.

*Silver Dapple and Tan Mini Long, FCI registered, Health Tested.

Miss Nutella

Our hairy little princess is a huge character and will certainly be a wonderful mother.

Nutty is a Miniature Long Haired Chocolate and Tan. She has the best 5 generations of pedigree and has a beautifully fun loving personality.

Nutty is enjoying growing up with her Coots family she loves Malone, she’s her favourite playmate. Oh our favourite thing about her is her ears! They go on and on and on!

*Chocolate and Tan Mini, KC Registered, Fully Health Checked

Miss Daphne

Miss Daphne resides in our show kennels in Bulgaria. She is one of the sweetest, gentlest sausages we’ve had the pleasure of calling ours.

A beautiful silver dapple and tan mini long haired girl, our Daphne lives for cuddles, adores kisses and is the most devoted mother.

Daphnes gentle and calm disposition is a winning formula for us at Coots. Not to mention her exceptional pedigree.

*Silver Dapple and Tan Mini Longhaired Dachshund, FCI registered and Health Tested

Miss Holly "Bobs"

When Holly arrived with us in Bulgaria we knew she was special and our miniature princess knows it.

A perfect little Red Longhaired Miniature from impeccable World Champion Bloodlines.

Holly is bubbly, ridiculously loyal, crazy loving and steels the hearts of everyone she meets.

We are beyond excited for her first litter 2023. Holly is one to watch! A true Marilyn Monroe in the making. Just look at her coat!

*Red Miniature Longhaired Dachshund, FCI registered, KC registered and Health Tested

Danny Boy

He’s amazing!

Don’t take our word for it. Danny is a Multiple Champion and World Class Winner. He never disappoints .

In the ring and at home, Danny has the perfect temperament. He’s a gentle lad and with a single look he melts you.

Proud doesn’t begin to describe how we all feel about him at Coots.

*Shaded Red Miniature Long Haired Dachshund, FCI registered and Health Tested.

Oh Romeo

Already a Champ and loved by he meets, young Romeo is the apple of our eye.

He has a striking Red Brindle long haired coat which is what sets him apart from his friends. A rich conker red colouring which is unusual and very striking.

When not competing, Romeo loves his ball and lives for Goats Ear Treats.

His future children are definitely worth looking out for.

*Red Brindle Long Haired Miniature Dachshund, FCI registered and Health Tested.

Miss Rina

Miss Rina is named after Coot’s Marina. That must mean she is special!
Rina is like her Mommy in every way. They look like twins and have the same ridiculously loving lively temperaments.
Rina is a joy to be around. She promises great things in the Show Ring like Mommy too.
Watch her journey as she’s a super little girl.

Miss Monica

Miss Monica is not only a Champion but also great Mommy and loving playmate.
One of our most loving girls at Coots, Monica likes sometimes a few too many kisses! Her favourite pastime is sitting on your knee being cuddled.
Coot’s beautiful little sweetheart.

*Shaded Red Miniature Long Haired, FCI registered, Health Tested

Little Merlin

 Merlin is definitely one to watch as he promises to be a big Champion at Coots.
A perfect Black and Tan Long Haired boy we love his cheeky face and cheerful disposition. His coat is becoming the envy of his brothers and sisters.
Always first for cuddles and to ask you to throw the ball for him, Merlin has a very bright future ahead of him.

*Black and Tan Miniature Long haired, FCI registered, Health Tested

Charlie Boy

This little boy is the perfect Miniature Longhaired Shaded Red and the love of Mommy Coots life. A true prince inside and out, Charlie is gentle, kind, well mannered and exceptionally handsome.

Charlie has just embarked on his International Show life. We know he will be a star. He has a superb pedigree and promises to be a wonderful father.

Charlie’s favourite pastime is definitely cuddles and being groomed. He loves the fuss and attention.

*Miniature Longhaired Dachshund, Shaded Red, International Pedigree and Health Checked

Miss Zoe

A little spirited, fun and friendly sausage, that’s our Zoe. She is coveted for her beautiful rich chocolate long coat and soulful green eyes.

Best friends with Daphne & Penny, Zoe’s favourite pastime is destroying squeaky toys and meeting new friends.

She is a superb mother and we are truly excited for her litter this year with Master Vinnie. These puppies will be amazing.

*Miniature Longhaired Chocolate & Tan, FCI registered and Health Tested.

Master Vinnie

Vinnie is loved by all he meets. Adored for his Silver Dapple coat and gentle eyes. We are super proud of our Coots at Eversden boy.

Our handsome boy has a perfect dachshund temperament. He’s loving, loyal and kind and produces the most wonderful children!

Vinnie’s favourite game is fetch, he loves his ball! No one can ever keep up with him!

*Miniature Longhaired Silver Dapple & Tan, FCI registered, Heath Tested

Our Amore

This little girl is the apple of Kate’s eye. Amore (Am- or-ray) has exceptional pedigree champion lines and we are sure is set to become a Champion herself.

She is the ruler of the pack and has everyone running in circles for her! Loved by everyone for her cheeky disposition and of course amazingly beautiful little face.

We can’t wait to watch her grow and look forward to her becoming a mother herself one day.

*Shaded Red Miniature Longhaired, KC registered, Health Tested.

Sir Johnnie

Everyone knows when Johnnie is out and about as he knows he is special and makes sure everyone knows it!
A tremendous 14 kilo, he is a feast for the eyes, with a coat to die and such incredibly handsome looks.
Believe us when we tell you he is a magnet with the Coots girls. They all love ‘JJ’
Our Multiple Champion is well known Internationally and we are all so very proud of him.

*Shaded Red Long Haired, FCI pedigree, Health Tested

Our Hugo

Hugo knows he is adored and enjoys a retired life of pleasure on Marina’s lap in the office during the day, sofa during the evening and bed at night! He knows he is special and so acts accordingly.
Everyone loves him. A champion, a lover, everyone’s mate and the most intelligent dog at Coots. Nothing gets by Our Hugo.
The loyalty and love of Hugo is everlasting.

*Black and Tan Long haired Standard, FCI Registered, Health Tested

Miss Bonnie

Miss Bonnie is our special Coots at Eversden standard girl. No stranger to the show ring, Bonnie has made us incredibly proud winning many junior titles. It is her ears that make us melt she really is a stunning girl with a beautiful gentle personality.

Bonnie’s favourite game is pinching the washing when we try to put it on the line! She also has a favourite teddy that she likes to sleep with.

We hope 2023 will be a special year for her as she embarks on her journey to become a mother. We just know she will be perfect.

*Standard Longhaired Dachshund, FCI pedigree, Health Tested