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Why does my Sausage Dog follow me into the toilet?

I thought it was a one off when our very first Sausage Dog used to insist on coming into the bathroom every time I wanted to use the toilet. But the more Sausages we had over the years I spotted a common theme! They all like to visit the toilet with me if I manage to get to the toilet quick enough, alone, they will sit outside quite cross that they haven’t been allowed to come in too!

WHY? What’s it all about?

Maybe it’s to do with their pack mentality? They are showing their loyalty and affection – their bond with us to protect their territory.

Or is it just they always want to be near the ones they love? Sausages are after all the most loyal of all breeds to their owners. As sweet as that is ( and very weird ) I’d rather like to take a pee alone.

Maybe he/she is curious? Surely that curiosity would have worn off after the 100th time they have visited the toilet with you?

My theory ……. the word ‘privacy’ is not in their vocabulary

As a Mom of 4 humans and far too many Sausages to count, my bathroom is always full of extra bodies. I dream of the day I may visit the bathroom and take a pee in silence and alone!

Dream on eh?!