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Why does my dachshund bark so much?

But why do they bark?

The breed is often tarnished by those that say Sausages bark all the time. We thought it was about time to have our say on the matter here at Coots!

Yes Sausages bark! Yes Sausages can, from time to time, bark a lot! However, they never bark without reason.

Like children, some are more noisy than others, that’s for sure. Whilst it is also true, in our opinion, that minis tend to bark more than standard Dachshunds.

But why do they bark?

We agree with the many other people who have studied the breed and written about this, that it is;

  1. To Communicate
  2. Because they are bored
  3. It is their instinct

1. Communication

The Dachshund is an intelligent breed and often they are more intelligent than their owners! This is why some would say they are hard to train, but frankly we would say it is because of their intelligence that they are easy to train. None the less they have a deep and meaningful relationship with their owners and other family pet dog siblings. It is as a result of this relationship that they feel the need to communicate (bark) when they detect a possible intruder, a passer by maybe, any threat at all on what is their perceived territory. They are fiercely protective of their inner circle! They may also bark because they are excited, they are just telling you they are! Or they may bark because they are frightened or nervous and this is again their way of letting you know that.

2. Boredom

A Sausage can bark because he or she is bored. We have never experienced this as it is not something that would be apparent in an environment where a Sausage lives with many people and other dogs. Our Sausages are never alone but this is an important factor to remember if you are considering welcoming a dachshund into your family. They hate to be alone. They need the company of others and when bored and alone they may bark. It is because they are so loyal and intelligent that they need stimulation to avoid boredom and their inner circle for company so they aren’t lonely and suffer separation anxiety.

3. Instinct

Finally, it’s their instinct. Dachshunds have been bred to be hunters. In the past they were used to hunt badgers and small game like squirrels and rabbits. They have awesome senses to track down their prey and use their voices to alert the Hunter of their location. They also use their voice when hunting due to the sheer excitement and pleasure they get from it.

Our view is that our Sausages only bark when they have a reason to. When you understand what that reason is then it is easy to understand and accept their voices!