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Why buy an Infant rather than a Puppy?

Why buy an Infant rather than a Puppy?

We have had a busy month in both Bulgaria and the Uk with new puppies being born. We are feeling truly blessed right now that we have some beautiful mini smooth, standard smooth and mini long perfect dachshunds.

Joy & Boris – miniature smooth
Nita and Oliver – miniature smooth
Harriet and Danny – miniature long
Izzy and Merlin – miniature long

What is amazing, and we are so grateful for, is that so many of these newborns are already reserved and our families are happy to patiently wait until their puppies are 6 months old before taking them home.

A 6 month old infant is fast becoming the norm for us at Coots at Eversden. When families are presented the choice of having a 12 week old puppy or an infant, it is mostly the selected choice. But why?

So many reasons…

We live in such a busy society with so many responsibilities in both the work place and our home lives. Having a loyal new family member with 4 legs is appealing to so many, after all, we too believe that a home is not complete without a furry friend. But often, the thought of a puppy toilet training, socialising and managing separation anxiety is off-putting. It’s a huge commitment.

Have I got the time? Can I manage sleepless nights? How long before we can go out on walks? Is he ok? He cries , I think he misses his siblings? When will he sleep through the night? How often do I take him out to the toilet? What treats should I give? He’s eating the furniture, help!

So many questions and worries when settling a new puppy into your family. At Coots we work hard to help our families with all these worries and also have guidance videos to support. We are also always at the end of the phone or WhatsApp.


An infant however, is VERY different. They have a routine established. They are confident and ready to take on the world, fully vaccinated and socialised. They are trained to walk on a lead and they know how to behave when meeting new people and other dogs. They aren’t anxious in unfamiliar surroundings.

An infant can sleep through the night and is toilet trained.

An infant understands what is expected.

At 6 months old, whilst a dachshund hasn’t reached full maturity, it is also such that you can see what he/she looks like, their conformation and what their adult weight and size will be.

Another point to note is that these puppies have not been separated from their mothers and weaned too quickly in order that they may be available for their new families from 8 weeks. They are able to take their time. We can follow the lead of the mother and the puppies with regard to when the time is right to wean and to be separated. This is much later and as a result and we believe produces far more content puppies. They have been socialised by the their mother longer and provided a better nutritional start in life too.

Every Coots at Eversden infant has completed two socialisation courses. One in Bulgaria where they are born and one here in UK before they leave for their forever family.

At both of our premises, the dogs follow the same routines and have the same 5 star level of care.

Need we go on?

It all makes sense doesn’t it?

Why not read what some of our most recent families have said about welcoming infants into their homes?

We have infants that will be available in Feb 24, March 24 and May 24. If you are thinking of adding to your family next year, now is the time to reserve your puppies. We will make sure we find the most suitable match for you. You can then enjoy weekly updates to enable you to follow his/her progress until you get ti meet them.

For more information please call or WhatsApp us. We are always pleased to hear from you and to share lots of news and updates.