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Who is Miss Bowie?

It’s been a very long day today but super exciting too as today we have welcomed Miss Bowie to Coots.

So many people wonder why when we breed our own Cootscanis Dachshunds to such a high standard, why do we buy other Pedigree Dachshunds to join us at Coots.

It’s simple! We are constantly striving to improve breed standards and to produce the highest quality dachsunds that we possibly can. These bloodlines are carefully selected to continually improve our Cootscanis Pedigree.

Many will remember last year our Red litter of Standard Smooths sired by our Fred with Miss Bibby. This was a very proud moment for us at Coots. All pups exceptional. Ernie we kept! Ears that go on for days, he is a stunning hound and is recognised by many. A wonderful example of the breed.

This is why we searched for Miss Bowie. We needed a top pedigree girl to partner our Ernie in the future and we found her! Bred by Devondax and sired by ALMAZNYI LARETZ ERSHALAIM AT DEVONDAX ( better known as Boris ) we knew that this would be a perfect pedigree and temperament match. We are not disappointed!

Boris, Bowie’s father and Sacha, Bowie’s mother are both Crufts Qualified Dachshunds. They have Multiple Titles and Uk accreditation and are well respected amongst the Dachshund Community.

Miss Bowie has clearly been socialised and raised well by Devondax. In total she travelled 7 hrs in the car with not a peep! So golden! Not phased by all the new sights and smells and sounds, she entered our home with confidence, ate her supper, had a play with some of her new sisters and has effortlessly gone to bed, chaperoned by Aunty Maggie. She is now as quiet as a mouse.

A pup well socialised and raised correctly by a 5 star breeder is self evident when they go to their new homes. They are confident and adapt quickly to their new surroundings. Thank you Devondax!

We are so pleased to be able to welcome this little girl and are so excited for the promise she brings. A very special little girl indeed!

Watch this space!!!