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Slinky’s final visit to the Fertility Clinic

The photo in the title says it all!

Slinky and I visited our friends at Elite Kennel Fertility yesterday for the last time as it was our big day and she was Artificially Inseminated with Mr Blue’s sperm.

I will spare you the nitty gritty but I was blown away with the technology used to inseminate by using a camera to make sure that the sperm was placed inside the cervix – so as close as we can get it to stand the very best chance of fertilisation.

Check out this video which shows the entrance to Slinkys cervix. The bubbling you can see is an awesome sign! It is a marker we look for to confirm that we have pinpointed exactly the right time.

All we can do now is wait and hope that Slinkys reproduction organs and Mr Blue’s magic sperm give us the best of news and we will have puppies first week Jan 23!

We will scan in 28 days to have a sneaky peek ….. check back for an update ( 28 pain staking days to wait )

Don’t tell anyone but Slinky and I did share a McDonald’s bacon and egg muffin to celebrate that the procedure went well!!