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Purina Proplan FORTIFLORA

We wanted to share this product review with all our Sausage Friends and Families.

At Coots we use Purina. We feed all our girls and boys a dry complete diet of Purina Food. They have a special range for puppies, adults, senior dogs …. something for every stage of their lives.

Recently they launched a supplement. PURINA PROPLAN FORTIFLORA. It contains live bacteria that helps promote intestinal health, microflora balance and a strong immune system.

We thought we would give it a go and so here are our findings….

First Impressions

One box has 30 Sachets and is £20.95 which at first we thought is expensive – particularly when you have as many dogs as us BUT we actually only used one sachet a day and shared and mixed it in all their food – so 69p a day is actually not so bad.

It’s smells nice – beefy flavoured so that’s probably why they like it ! It would also therefore be good if you have dog on diet biscuits ( these are flavourless) could make them more tasty?

Tested for 30 days

All of the dogs, young and old, liked the flavour. But without question, we can see a difference in the quality of their coats. We didn’t expect that, but this is the most noticeable change for sure. Super shiny and very healthy. In addition, their poo is consistent in colour and density. Some of the youngsters had runny bums but not now.

Did you know that a healthy gut even reduces smelly ears on your Sausage? Well it’s true. That yeasty smell was irradiated from our girls ears after we had been using the product for 60 days.A healthy gut really does have a remarkable impact;

* Healthy Immune System

*Better Digestive System so regular, healthy poo ( no bloat, no runny poo)

*Better Brain Health

*Better Heart Health

*Healthy Sleep ( but not many Sausage’s need help with that!)


The Final Score

I think the fact that we are still using this product every day speaks for itself. We give it a 5 out of 5 score we love it! ( and no we aren’t on commission!)

What we feed our dogs is so important and it’s so hard to know what is best isn’t it?

We always look at the girls and by monitoring and recording daily changes in their appearance, behaviour and of course bowel movements, this allows us to make judgements on what food and supplements are working and what aren’t. We believe in Purina and their products.

But don’t just take our word for it. Try it….. and feedback and let us know if you see a noticeable difference in your Sausage.

Last night we recommended Fortiflora to one of our Coots Customers as she was complaining of her girl having terrible wind! whilst we had a good giggle, – it does indicate something isn’t quite right. We will report back on her findings……