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Puppy Growth Spurts

If you have recently added a new fur baby to your family then this is a useful blog post for you!

Often in our puppy groups do we hear our sausage pawrents becoming concerned because suddenly their pup is waking earlier than they used to in the mornings, waking in the night when they haven’t before and even experiencing mild sickness before they have eaten. Mostly we get these messages when pups are around 4-5 months old.

These are all classic signs that something has changed and your Sausage is having a growth spurt and so probably needs a little more food.

The sickness is typically yellowish in colour and a little frothy – we call this hunger sick …. your pups is fine in themselves but is hungry due to a growth spurt.

This is all normal. They will do their most growing between 3 and 5 months and this can take its toll on tummies and of course painful teeth.( another blog post for another day!) It’s when they have these growth spurts that you may witness changes in behaviour. The lucky pawrents will experience their pup sleeping more and these signs of hunger which are easily rectified with a little extra supper before bedtime! The unlucky pawrents may experience a more grumpy sausage! Sometimes some uncharacteristic growling and guarding toys or less patience with your children for example.

It’s important to understand these phases and recognise the signs. We always say ‘ you know your sausage better than anyone’ don’t over analyse and do what feel right. Most of the time it is!

This morning we noticed hunger sick in our nursery. It seems one of the girls is needing some extra supper. Now our issue is to try and identify which sausage it is as we don’t want to over feed the others.

Wish us luck!

Ps. Your breeder or if you have a Coots Sausage in which case Kate, is always on hand to advise if you are worried about any changes in your puppies