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Problems with your Sausage scenting their bed?

This week a Coot’s customer was despairing as her boy, now 7 months old, has started doing wees in his bed. She has bought new beds and is sick of the constant washing of blankets. He goes outside has a wee then comes inside and does a wee in his bed. Sound familiar? It’s so frustrating and In a busy family home can seem quite disgusting.

But why?

He’s is being territorial Not necessarily saying – this is MY space but more this is OUR communal area. That’s his natural instinct. It’s very difficult to understand or manage though isn’t it?

Of course there are other reasons why he may have started this behaviour. He may have a urine infection? Has something changed to cause some anxiety?For example, school holidays and the kids being around more distrupting his routine? This time Of year let’s not forget the affect fireworks can have on our Sausages. All possible causes.

By continually cleaning and changing the bed and blankets you are somewhat encouraging him to scent mark his bed more. It seems wrong but you need to leave it. Use a quality deodoriser that isn’t harmful to your Sausage, like POWAIR to help break down the enzymes and remove the smells and stains. He will then stop doing it. Leave it some time a few days even a week if you can and then wash and clean bed. If he does it again repeat the exercise. It works for us. We do use Powair daily on our Sausage’s beds to give them a freshen up regardless.

Consistency is the key to everything oh and you are a Sausage Owner you need a lot of Patience!

Powair Urine and Odour Spray 464ml £9.99