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Nutty Welcomes 4 Puppies!

She did it! Our little Nutella delivered 4 perfect little mini Nutty’s and we couldn’t be prouder.

When you have a strong emotional connection to your girl its often tense and stressful bringing their puppies into the world. Every minute of Nutella’s labour felt like hours!

Actually, as I take time to reflect, it was seamlessly perfect and relatively quick. Nutty was a champion and continued to wag her tail and give us endless licks and kisses even when she was having contractions.

For those of you that follow us, Nutty is the love of our daughter in law Satine’s life and she sat and nurtured her all the way through. This of course makes a huge difference to the birth experience for Mom to have someone she trusts whole heartedly with her all the way through. Nutella allowed us to have a very hands-on approach which made the experience all the more rewarding.

As I type, I can’t quite believe that we have 3 little Nutty girls all Chocolate and Tan like their Mommy and one perfect little Black and Tan boy just like the very handsome Benjamin, the Daddy. Did I tell you? Benjamin is like Butter!! The softest most gentle boy we have ever met, he even smells sublime!

We are allowing Mom plenty of quiet time to relax and settle with her babies. Her milk is now flowing and the pups are feeding nicely. All the little girls have loving homes to go to and yes of course Coots is one of them! How could we not keep a little Nutty girl!!!

Little Benjamin Junior is available and will be looking for a loving home. Goodness knows how we will part with him! We adore his Daddy.

We will make sure we share the Nutty pup’s journey now in the nursery, getting their floof and developing their personalities.

As always thanks everyone for your support and for following our Coots Journey.

You can follow Nutella on. instagram too, just search: naughty._Nutella