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NEWS FLASH – Miss Nita Bonita is on her way!

Many of you will remember the Beatle Boys? 4 stunning little red mini boys that came to us at the end of last year?

Well it was always their mommy Nita who was the reason we had them to find our perfect stud.

Nita is a shining example of what a perfect miniature dachshund should look like and an excellent representation of character and personality. Her sons are perfect.

Recently we were given the opportunity for Nita to join us here at Coots. How could we say no!!! She captured our hearts through the boys.

So she’s on her way! Travelling from our friends at Eversden Dachs in Bulgaria and we are beyond excited. Nita’s days in the limelight winning titles and qualifying for Crufts are over. She will come to be part of our family and be very much loved. It’s her time to do what she loves most and that’s being a Mommy.

We are so lucky to have such exceptional pedigree and bloodlines. We are feeling very blessed.