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My Sausage is destroying everything!

I get lots of messages from my customers to say this week my Sausage has gone through two

shoes, a cushion, the kids toys, in fact anything he can get his paws on and chew he does.

This is of cause natural behaviour but can be frustrating and expensive when you have had to replace one of the kids school shoes for the second time in a month!

So what can you do?

Distraction – this is an art and a good tactic to distract him when he does it and swap for a different ‘sausage proof’ toy BUT not much use when you aren’t there to witness the behaviour.

TOP TIP – you need Antlers – these are a new discovery for us at Coots and I can’t believe we didn’t know about them sooner! So first of all, all our Sausages love them and it’s their go to toy. BUT these provide the perfect solution and satisfy their need to chew. Now there’s lots of different types and we sell them all but for Naughty Sausages who have started chewing everything in sight we have found that the Split Antlers are the best. They are slightly softer and have all of the Marrow exposed. It’s the Marrow that provides endless distraction and chewing satisfaction. They scrape at it using their teeth to remove it and it lasts a very long time! One of my customers said she could believe how quiet her two were when they were introduced to their pups, they even didn’t become distracted when the door bell went which is unheard of! The marrow is also amazingly good for them – full of calcium and great for dental hygiene so they are a winner for us! Oh and they are safe and they don’t go smelly and slimy like so many other natural chews.

Of course it’s never a definitive solution and you need to be consistent ( a very over used word of mine) never give your Sausage old shoes or socks to play with you are giving them the wrong message that it’s okay to eat Mommy’s best Jimmy Choos. Always when you see behaviour you dont like distract and provide an appropriate alternative. The message needs to be ‘consistent’ make sure your dog has enough stimulus throughout his day. Are you providing enough exercise for example? This is another important factor. Some people use deterant sprays on items they don’t want their pups to chew. I say keep aware and educate them – that’s the best way!

Photo : Miss Remy and her split antler … look at her mesmerising green eyes!