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Luna’s TCI & WHY we use AI at Coots……

So off we went again yesterday for Luna’s final visit to Elite Kennel Facility to visit DR Dave the Puppy Dr ( as he has now become affectionately known) we are hoping for puppies Jan 2023.

Luna had a trans – cervical insemination. This is because the semen she received has previously been frozen. (Our Mr Blue) What Dr Dave does is places a semi-flexible endoscope into the bitches vagina where the cervix can be identified and visualised due to the use of a camera. The cervix is then catheterised, and the semen is then placed directly into the uterus. Thus as close as we can get it to the eggs.

By the way, I know Im a geek, but its really fascinating to watch and be able to see inside our girls!

I love keeping you guys up to date on our fertility journey as it’s great to be able to share it with other Sausage Lovers but it struck me that maybe you don’t know why we have chosen to use Artificial Insemination with our girls.

There are many benefits to using AI

*Less Stressful for the bitch

*Safer and more controlled than traditional methods

*It can help to eliminate negative behaviours

*Enables our boys to live off site and live in loving family homes as we collect the semen when it is required.

* Provides a more manageable and safe environment for the girls to live happily, without the ‘distraction’ of the boys

*Guarantees no ‘accidents’ every pregnancy is carefully planned and timed.

So many positive reasons you can now see. Of course we miss our boys not being with us everyday at Coots, but, we believe that they have a better quality of life too. We are blessed to have so many caring families loving our Coots boys. For us, we always prefer to breed using our own sires as we have first hand experience and understand their temperaments and full health histories. We have also carefully selected their pedigree so that we are only breeding from the best bloodlines.

Of course Luna and I shared a celebration Maccies after the procedure ! Its our ritual now!!