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Luna’s Pregnancy Journey

Luna has been a Mommy once before with our boy Mr Blue. A hugely successful litter of perfect Standard Smooth Sausages. She was an excellent Mom, in fact her birth was probably the most incredible we’ve experienced as she dilates and delivers silently. We promise to film the next one if we are lucky enough to have another litter.

So, here we go again! Of course we have chosen to use Mr Blue as our Sire as when you have a winning formula why change it? We are hoping like Slinky, that Luna can bring us amazing babies Jan 2023.

Elite Kennel Fertility are our partners in ensuring that we get our timings spot on to maximise our opportunity as we chose to use TCI again as our preferred fertility option.

Off to the clinic again! And wish us luck

If you are interested in adding a Standard Smooth Dachshund to your family then get in touch. There are very limited spaces available on the waiting list.