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Happy New Year to all our Coots Families and Followers

As I prepare for an exciting start to 2023, in the birth room waiting for the arrival of Slinky’s puppies, I can’t help reflecting on the busiest year of my life – 2022.

We were so lucky to safely deliver over 70 perfect Dachshunds and I’m so proud to have successfully achieved the quality in the bloodlines that we had researched and hoped for. But wow, that was a huge commitment and an immense amount of time. Good job I loved (genuinely) every single minute of it!

We also moved house as a family. That was big! New county, new schools, new everything. Two of of eldest children left home too, that was a tear jerker! I’m still surrounded by boxes and we are far from settled, but I have to say I’m relaxed about that! Plenty of time to get straight, we are living in our Forever Home and it’s perfect for the Sausages!! The younger kids have settled so quickly too and Bella loves exploring the Valley.

We threw our annual Coots Gathering Event – that was awesome to see all our Coots Pups again and their families. So many new friends have been made! Every family has been brilliant and keeps in touch sharing their Coots pups milestones and achievements.

I haven’t had a minute, if I’m honest, until now to reflect and It’s quite overwhelming.

Time goes so fast! Except when you are waiting in the birth room for puppies!!!!

We have started 2023 with two confirmed litters, Slinky’s ( due any hour now!) and also Luna’s due 16th Jan. We are also keeping everything crossed that Nutella is also pregnant. This is a very special litter as Nutty is a very much loved member of our family and it’s our first miniature long haired litter.

We have so much planned this year, some beautiful litters that whilst they are just a twinkle in our eyes right now, promise to be everything we have been working towards. Some very special pedigrees and fabulous dogs.

I must go now and let the Sausages out for a stretch of the legs. Thanks for the moment to PAUSE and reflect.

Happy New Year