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Gella & Freddy’s Boys

A litter we have been hoping and planning for some time in the UK.

But why are these boys so special?

I’ve been desperate to put pen to paper to share with you just why we have all been so excited.

Gella, our wonderful Mom, is from the very best Standard Smooth Dachshund Kennel in the Baltics. Her family line has many Best in Show podiums and Multi Champion titles. This also extends to her own son’s and daughter from her first litter, our own Eversden Kennel Bloodline.

Freddy, he is from the Dachsmania line. Dachsmania has a reputation that spans over 30 years, known to produce the most excellent Standard Smooth Dachshunds from Eastern Europe. Dachsmania are no longer breeding, making Freddy’s offspring all the more special.

Both Mommy and Daddy’s bloodline’s are correct European Breed Standard Conformation, Look and Temperament. Not too long legged and not too short, close to the ground with good chest and rib length.

Many judges with excellent reputations and specialists of the Dachshund breed have awarded Gella and Freddy Best of Breed as well as Best in Show podiums. They have recognised how special they are and what recognition they deserve.

We are very protective of these lines and will not sell these pups to Breeders. These pups will be special and one of a kind. They deserve the best homes and families.

Our dogs are bred to show, yet go to loving pet homes. Show dogs know how to behave, they are beautiful inside and out and have confident personalities.

It’s important to note that the longevity of life in our dogs is testament to our quality breeding line. We still have in our kennel the lines of this special litter, parents and grandparents, as well as great grandparents that are still living at the age of 17 years old.

It is not an understatement to state that if you welcomed one of these boys into your family, you will have a puppy that will grow into an adult who will be one of the best dachshunds in the country.

Proud? Hell yes, we are positively gushing about these boys and cannot wait to watch them grow.