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Coots Recommends Antler Powder

We have been working with Antler Chew in the UK for some months now and cannot believe the awesomeness of Antlers for both our young pups and adults.

All our Coots girls love them, squabble over them everyday – they are the ultimate toy and the girls consider a tasty snack. ( even though they last months)

The benefits of antlers, I have written about before in my Blog. Great for dental hygiene, safe and long lasting but most importantly really really good for dogs as they are packed with calcium and good stuff!

We have found that the split antlers, which is when the marrow is exposed, are the most enjoyed by our girls. They spend hours scraping the marrow out with their teeth. That’s why we now have our own range of Coots Split Antlers, the perfect size for Sausages and available on our web shop.

Anyway, what we want to write about is that recently we were introduced to Antler Powder. A supplement that can be used on dry or wet food, think of it like salt and pepper, just a sprinkling on every meal. Like the Antlers, this ground down antler powder, is a great source of calcium but also provides protein, magnesium for energy and phosphorus for healthy kidneys. We love it because it’s great for weaning pups, infants, lactating and pregnant mothers, adults and even senior sausages. Amazing!

We’ve never used one supplement that is suitable for all ages and stages of development. It’s also very sensibly priced at only £6 a tub which lasts a super long time.

We recommend all our new pawrents now provide Antler Powder in their Sausages meals.

Like all the products we sell in our Coots Web shop, Antler Powder we have tried and tested before we are happy to share with you.

Maybe you should try some?