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Coots Keepers

It’s been manic here at Coots. Two recent litters from Nutella and Thais have really kept us busy and the pups in the Nursery have been busy product testing new beds, new toys and new snacks!

I thought I’d write a quick blog though and share our news. We have chosen to keep a couple of special pups from both of our most recent litters.

Introducing …

Benjamin Junior

Miniature Longhaired Dachshund

Benjamin is named after his Father and is son of Nutella. Already a fluff ball, he is showing a very loveable personality even at 3 weeks. A funny little clown always rolling round the whelping pen. He makes us smile and we are loving everyday watching his hair grow and listening to his little gremlin noises. He has been chosen for his pedigree and promised to our Princess Lottie next year. He will hopefully be a perfect stud. PRA clear and awesome bloodlines.

Amore (Am-or-ray)

Miniature Longhaired Dachshund

A name we have kept safe for the perfect girl and now we have her, she arrived only yesterday in the early hours!

Amore shares the same father as Benjamin Junior and her mommy is Thais Coots Russian Junior Champion. She has been long awaited. We always planned to keep one of Thais’s females but on this occasion she only blessed us with one girl. Thank goodness she is perfect! A Shaded Red girl whom we are excited to see her coat colouring change in coming weeks and months. We have big plans for Amore. We hope that she will be our first Cootscanis Mini Long that we will take to the shows as we are so very proud of her parents.

We hope you will enjoy watching the new Coots Sausages grow and develop.