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Buying a puppy vs Infant – whats right for me and my family

Every day we are having chats with families looking for healthy Dachshunds to join their families, sometimes a new puppy from 10 weeks old isnt always the right fit or the sensible option.

Now we are able to offer a choice, new pups from 10 weeks or infant pups that are 6 months old, it is helping families to introduce a dachshund into the family at the right time and the right stage of the pups development.

There are so many pros and cons for both options. For many, following the pregnancy of Mommy, watching the birth and having regular updates, photos and videos of their new puppy until they take it home, is a wonderful journey that is not to be missed. But, let’s not forget the stress and worry when a puppy comes home at 10 weeks. Sometimes sleepless nights and separation anxiety are difficult to manage in our already busy lives. 6 month old infants have passed these development stages. They are confident, socialised and ready to take on the world with you and your family immediately. Often a preferable option.

For families that already have a dog they may prefer to have a younger puppy, for that puppy to grow up alongside your adult dog.This is sometimes an easy integration and is preferred by another adult dog as the threat of a new puppy is minimal, there is an understanding it is a baby. But of course, if your adult dog is good natured and even tempered, he/she may prefer a slightly older dog to be an instant companion. He or she would still be recognised as a baby upto 6 months of age.

We’ve written a helpful guide to provide advise to families to make the right choice for them. It is a big decision and put simply, it has to be right.

Here’s the guide maybe it will help you too if you are considering welcoming a Dachshund into your life.