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BIBBY’S trip to Elite’s Fertility Clinic

Yesterday was another exciting day for us at Coots as Miss Bibby successfully had a TCI procedure performed by our baby Dr Dave at Elite Kennel Facilities ( live link –

It’s always a nerve wracking experience when I take the girls to be artificially inseminated. Whilst I know we are in the best hands with Dave and his team the worry is always the quality of the semen when it is awoken from its frozen slumber.

Check out our Mr Blue’s swimmers yesterday!

We were so pleased to see how mobile they were and so we have a good chance of them fertilising BIBBY’S eggs.

Mr Blue has successfully sired two litters this year already that we have carried out TCI ( trans cervical insemination) so we have high hopes for a hat trick! The science never ceases to amaze me, whilst Blue is living the perfect life with his guardian Family unbeknownst to him he has sired 7 beautiful babies.

Now for the waiting game. We have to wait to see if we have been successful. It will be 25 days before we can see any indications on an ultrasound scan. The hardest wait but so exciting. New life at Coots never gets old!

Fingers Crossed! We will keep you all posted!