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Working at Coots I have the pleasure of spending time with all of the puppies, but this litter, Bonita’s boys, were different for me. It was love at first sight when I met them.
We welcomed Harry & Cobi into our family home this week. Kate suggested we wait until they were 13 weeks old. The wait nearly killed us but she has always maintained that the longer they stay at Coots, the better and easier the transition. Having not had a dog or puppy before this seemed the right thing to do. Wow she was right! We cannot believe how perfect the boys have been. They are clean day and night, are in an excellent routine and sleep all night not a peep! They haven’t suffered any anxiety being in their new environment. They are happy, confident and a joy to have around.
We are totally in love with our boys and cannot thanks Bonita and everyone at Coots at Eversden for giving them the best possible start in life.