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If you are like me and like a quick summary review:
If you want a Dachshund use Coots at Eversden. Everything from service, advice, knowledge, facilities and dogs are the best you will find. Just perfect, healthy dogs who receive the best of the best ! Kate is also super helpful and friendly with absolutely no pressure and has the dogs best interest at heart ensuring they go to the right homes!

Full review:

I am blown away by Kate and Coots at Eversden. Everything about my whole experience from first contacting Kate right through to picking up Pearl was perfect.
It was important to me after owning 2 Dachshunds and losing one really early that my next sausage was going to have to be the best example of the breed I could find. After researching and finding Coots I knew I wanted to use this breeder.
Kate is super quick at replying to messages and was super easy to work with throughout. I knew the exact dog I wanted Black and Tan girl and Kate quickly made me aware of Pearl who was available. Sorting a meet for me and my current sausage to meet Pearl was quick and when we met I knew this was the puppy to join our family.
These puppies are bred in the best environment they are such well socialised and given the best start. Kate’s knowledge of the breed is phenomenal and her love for each puppy really shows. I originally was unsure of getting another dog until summer and Kate was really understanding and there was absolutely no pressure throughout. The purchase was completely led by me and my family.

Pearl was 8 months when I picked her up and having previously had 2 sausage pups at 10 weeks old I would never ever consider another 8-12 week puppy. Infants are 100% the way forward. Pearl is confident, socialised and has a routine, is completely vaccinated so we can go straight out for walks. She was great and has slotted in to our busy lives Amazingly she also sleeps well has had no accidents leaving all the time for love and cuddles and walks instead of changing puppy pads and dealing with a crying pup overnight.

I would never consider another breeder for dachshunds going forward. My other 2 were from good breeders but these dogs, facilities and breeders are a level up.

Thank you Kate so much for pairing us with pearl!!!