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Myself and my husband are new to being dog owners. We did a lot of research and came across Coots and we’re so glad we did! With us being new to being dog owners we thought that getting an infant would be perfect for us.

Our little Frankie has the best temperament and is the most chill and loving little pup. He loves to be around people and has adapted in every situation he has been in with us from meeting other people and animals to going to a busy pub.

It has been a little tricky with bedtime but he is still a pup and has had to get used to a completely new life so is expected also us learning about him along the way and getting him into our own routine. We know he’ll adapt though just like he has with everything else

Kate, Marina and the rest of the team have so much time and love for all the pups they breed and have kept us in the loop the whole time from when we chose Frankie right up until when we collected him. Also responding to my silly questions I have straight away and providing continuous support even after we have taken him home.

He really is our perfect little fluffy boy and would definitely recommend this to anyone!

Thanks to all the team at Coots.

Mel & Dylan