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We weren’t looking for a dog, but Maggie kind of found us – and oh my goodness, are we glad she did.

We have a pup of Maggie’s in the family. It was through this connection that we came to hear about Coots at Eversden and Maggie. Knowing how much I adore Maggie’s daughter, my interest was immediate.

Even though we weren’t sure it was the right time for us, Kate was so lovely and very generous with her time, answered all of our questions and supported us through making our decision. We explained our home environment and arranged to meet Maggie. Shortly afterwards, Maggie was on her way home with us.

Maggie is exactly as she was described to us. She has the most amazing temperament, and is the perfect fit for our family.

Kate’s support has been ongoing, and we will forever be in touch with updates of Maggie. Our whole Coots at Eversden experience has been and continues to be incredible.