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We are experienced and long term Dachshund owners and have had dogs of various ages and different backgrounds (rescues, rehomes and from puppy) over the last 14 years or so. Having recently lost our dog Ted to cancer, our dog Digby (12 years old) was struggling to adjust being without another canine companion.

I came across Coots following some online research and sent an initial enquiry email about taking on a mature Dachshund. From that moment until we collected Cindy, Kate has been very professional, always swift to answer any emails or Whatsapp messages and of course is extremely knowledgeable. We also received regular video from Marina in Bulgaria whilst Cindy was still under her care.

From the moment Cindy left Coots in Bulgaria, Kate set up a Whatsapp group for all the expecting dog parents and kept us up to date on a daily basis with progress reports. Once the dog and infants had arrived in the UK, we received daily photos and videos as well as very useful podcast type information relevant to us. This whole process really helped us to begin to make a connection with Cindy and made it all much more real. It certainly helped ease the final collection moment. It is SO nice and comforting too that there is ‘post dog collection’ support. A rare thing in our experience so far.

We are absolutely thrilled with Cindy and would not hesitate to recommend Coots to anyone considering wishing to own a Dachshund! Kate would definitely be our first port of call as and when we are ready to take on another Dachshund!

Julian and Villy