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After doing lots of research online, we came across Coots at Eversden. We spoke to Kate, put our name on the waiting list & she invited us to her annual ‘Cootsfest’ event to meet her & her dogs. From that day, after speaking with Kate & people who had got puppies from her previously, we knew she was the only breeder we wanted to get our puppy from!

Kate let us know when Bonita was pregnant and then kept us up-to-date throughout the pregnancy & the labour! We then got daily updates on the puppies, which made us feel like we knew them before we’d even met them!

Enzo has now been at home for almost three weeks and is such a confident, calm, perfect puppy – which is all down to Coots and the amazing start he had in life.

We would highly recommend Coots at Eversden to anyone looking to get a Dachshund!