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Like many of us, I have been a ‘pet parent’ before, but after my last dog sadly passed away, I wasn’t sure I could love again; however, when I became my mum’s carer, I knew we needed a new life in our house to make it a home again.

As a proud supporter of the RSPCA, I approached my search for a dog diligently and, during an exhaustive trawl across the internet, I found Coots at Eversden and couldn’t quite believe what I’d found!

The beautiful, easy to navigate website helped me to fall in love with these (and rightfully so) award winning Dachshunds and then, not thinking for a second that any infants would be available (the option of having an older puppy was perfect for us), I reached out to Kate and, wow!

I have never had the pleasure of working with a breeder like her before; friendly, informative and refreshingly honest, Kate introduced me to Seanie (the most handsome little prince I’ve ever seen!) via Wattsapp and I knew my life was about to change for the better!

I cannot ever thank her enough for all of the love, care, time and attention she, her business partner and their families pour into their dogs.

From diet to training to routine and coat maintenance, they’ve really thought of everything and the proof in undeniable when you meet the Dachshunds!

They are all incredible!

I now have Seanie safely at home after a wonderful, zero pressure introduction to him and a quick, informative and stress free purchase with an information pack choc full of everything I need.

He’s SO gorgeous that sometimes I can’t believe he’s real; I’ve never been a person who cared about pedigree, however, there is no denying his lineage!

Kate and her partner are incredibly discerning when it comes to selecting their breeding pairs and it really shows.

I can’t recommend Coots at Eversden enough and, if you’re in two minds about contacting them?

Don’t be!

Having one (if you can stop there! I will most certainly be coming back to get Seanie a companion at some point in the future!) of their Dachshunds will be the best decision you make this year!