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Any pup from Coots is just amazing, exceptionally high quality, loved and perfectly socialised, with wonderful communication from pregnancy, birth, collection and beyond, but when considering our second mini from them we opted for a 7 month old infant rather than a 9 week old puppy and it was the best decision we ever made. We still received photos and videos on a regular basis from birth but when Katie came to us at 7 months, she fitted into our family perfectly within 24 hours. She was fully toilet trained, confident, caring and an instant companion for our first Coots pup who was 18 months. They were inseparable within 24 hours. She slept 10 hours through the night from the first day but still has a cheeky puppy playful temperament. In hindsight, we would have chosen an infant the first time we used Coots but wouldn’t change Hallie for the world. Puppies are very cute but I can’t recommend a Coots infant highly enough.