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After wanting a sausage pupper for over five years, my husband and I stumbled upon Charley, a 2.5 year old long haired mini, and immediately fell in love. Although we were nervous about adopting an older dog rather than a puppy, I couldn’t be happier with our decision. Kate and Marina made the adoption absolutely seamless, answering all of our questions, talking through concerns and what to expect, and even flying with him from Bulgaria to Barcelona so he never had to be alone or afraid.

While we’ve only had him for about 24 hours now, he’s already settled in so nicely, and I must add, has been getting lots of compliments from others about his beauty and best boy behavior! He came complete with a pet passport so he’s travel-ready and a lovely gift bag of his favorite things. All that’s left for us to do now is shower him with lots of love and adventures.

Thank so much to Kate and Marina who made our long dream of being Dachshund owners a reality! When Charley is ready for a little brother or sister, we know who we’ll be reaching out to 🙂