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I have always wanted a mini dachshund but my space has never been big enough so this has just remained as a little dream. Having moved to a bigger space recently the little dream has come into the plan phase. Kate and Coots came highly recommended by my friends who are sausage moms. I knew Kate was the one after our first conversation. She was very encouraging and sounded business like, not pushy. She wants to find the right pup for me and also the right home for her precious pups (and she even talked me out of the fear of London public transport with a puppy). I fell in love with Bonita and then the rest is history.

Apart from all the traits of an amazing and responsible breeder, what makes Coots great is the journey they offer. The updates with videos and pictures really took us up the life time journey of the puppies. I personally keep a folder for Rex, from his birth to the goodbye to his Coots mom. This is incredibly precious. Now and then I watched back the video and am amazed by how much he has grown up (not just physically but the personality, the overall development) – all thanks to the amazing coots family. The moment when I held Rex in my hands I knew we are going to be the best partners in crime. The advices from Kate are great. She still follows up on Rex and checks in to make sure we are okay and Rex is settling in. All Coots sausages are Kate’s babies and we are so very very lucky.