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Buying an infant dog from Coots at Eversden has been a wonderful experience from first communication to bringing our little Dottie home. I came across Coots thanks to a facebook member who recommended them when I mentioned looking for a puppy. After perusing the website, I discovered that they also sell infants and we felt this would be a better fit for us. We soon chose the puppy we wanted and thanks to weekly videos and photos from Marina in Bulgaria, we were able to watch her grow into the beautiful infant she is today. When Dottie was transported to the UK, we were able to follow her journey and when she arrived, we were finally able to meet her. She was everything we had hoped for. During her time with Kate in the UK, we followed her daily as she enjoyed life in the valley with other sausages including those she travelled with. It was so lovely to watch her daily antics. Kate provides lots of helpful information, links and tutorials on all aspects of owning a dachshund, all of which has been very welcome. Kate has the dogs’ wellbeing front and centre of all that she does and we are happy to know that she will always be there to help and advise us over the years ahead. We have no hesitation in recommending Coots and have no doubt that we will be back for another when the time is right. Thank you Kate and Marina and all the team at Coots for such a wonderful experience ❤️