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I have owned a miniature dachshund for almost 13 years. When my daughter wanted to buy a puppy herself she thoroughly explored the availability of quality breeders. She came across Kate Venables at Coots Puppies (now Coots Eversden) and put her name down on a waiting list. She secured the purchase of a chocolate and tan long-haired puppy and named him Moose. On completion of her mother duties, Moose’s mum was offered to me as a rehome. I jumped at the chance to have a beautiful, mature dachshund to complement an older dog and puppy situation at my home. I feel that this was a unique opportunity to have mum and son living together with our dog and the trio would be complete. Kate has been exceptional in providing me with all the background information on Daphne (formally known as Thais) and I feel more than prepared to take on another adult dog. I feel her pedigree is secured and now her breeding experience is complete she needs a quality home for the next phase of her life. She has been a show dog, become a mother and now needs a family home. She will have a life now as a pet and I can offer her a chance to be just that. Kate’s experience as a breeder ensures that she has very high quality dogs to re home once their breeding experience ends. Their condition and temperament is exceptional and therefore rehoming an adult dog becomes easier. I feel these mature dogs can offer love and companionship to any situation and make long lasting friends with humans and dogs alike. I hope more people embrace the benefit of taking on a mature dog at home as this can provide benefits from both perspectives. Kate believes that her dogs deserve the best chance to live out their lives as well loved pets in a family home where they will be safe and happy. Dogs have many phases in their lives and I am pleased to be able to offer my dog the opportunity to live out her life in exactly that way. She deserves nothing less. Puppies undoubtedly have the “ah” factor but are also very hard work. They also need toilet training. Mature dogs have most of those elements sorted which can be a huge bonus. They’re ready to go. So, when you are considering having a dog please contact Kate to discuss what options are available. All dogs need loving homes, not just puppies.