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The service that Kate and her team provides is flawless, I had been looking for a standard dachshund for a while and had been following Coots on instagram, I messaged Kate and she literally responded within minutes and continued to give me so much valuable information. Humphrey is perfect, socialised, toilet trained and just such a soft and gentle dog he is perfect for my family and settled so quickly with my my other miniature dachshund’s, he is absolutely beautiful and a joy. So much so that I have just got another standard dachshund Ernie as a playmate for Humphrey, Kate delivered him yesterday to me and again the service she provided was faultless. He is quiet, socialised not phased by anything and toilet trained! What Kate and the team do with their puppies before they are found homes in invaluable, it takes so much stress out of having a new puppy as you get to enjoy them and they are so well behaved such a joy. I cannot thank Kate enough I just love my Humphrey and Ernie x