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I couldn’t recommend Kate enough for all her support both in the lead up to bringing our little girl home but also for the ongoing support when she joined our family.

From the moment I enquired about our little Dolly, Kate provided us with constant updates and invited me down to Coots before I made any decisions about bringing her home. At no point did I feel pressured or rushed into making a decision. From the moment I arrived at Coots I know that I had found the right breeder for me.

Dolly was definitely the most shy out of the bunch and when I returned just a few days later to bring her home i could already see a huge difference in her confidence which is no doubt due to all the hard work Kate was putting in, in the background.

Since brining Dolly home, Kate has been there every step of the way for any worry or concern and I especially love the group that she has set up for her other sisters to allow us all the keep in touch and watch them grow.

Dolly is the most perfect sausage which such an amazing temperament.

I can’t wait to attend Coots annual meet up later in the year and wouldn’t hesitate to go back to Kate if I ever wanted to add to my sausage clan.

Chloe, Simon and Dolly ❤️