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I have been wanting to write this for a while but I must confess I was quite shy because English is not my first language and I didn’t want to keep going back and forth and correct it as it makes me feel it can take away that real feeling of the raw emotion I want to pass on. So I apologize for any grammar mistake or anything else related to lack of beautiful English.
I want to talk about love and love I believe is Universal so we are good.
Love in this context has a name and his name is Charlie. Little Charlie, ChaCha, Dach, Saucy, these are all the names I call him through out the day.
Charlie is in our hearts or at least in my 8 years old son’s heart for about 3 years so although Charlie is a 7 month old dachshund for me it feels that he is with us longer than that because of how much we talked about him and my son dreamed about him.
We were reluctant to get a puppy and we didn’t know much where to look or how we would manage to get a dog in Dubai where we live. We have had not a good experience with people providing puppies in this region so we were quite skeptical about the whole thing.
We kept looking through friends in England but nothing was making us feel comfortable to do that extra step.
It was when I came across to Coots at Eversden while doing a search on dachshunds online.
For the first time I started to think that it could actually work as I was very impressed with them on how it look so professional.
I would go there often to watch the videos of the puppies and it would make me feel so happy.
We decided to finally call and everything after that was nothing short of outstanding service and a magical experience.
Kate and all her team not only made everything we wanted possible but they made sure to always be available and promptly reassuring us about any question we had and making sure that the puppy were taking care of during the entire process.
I have never seen people to care so much about the puppies as them.
We waited for little Charlie to come to an age that he could travel.
We were weekly provided with pictures and videos and explanations about the puppy’s development.
The big day arrived and we were excited and of course a bit anxious ( but good anxious).
When we met Charlie our hearts melt and opened so wildly to embrance him in our lives.
He was well. He was not traumatized by the travel. He was so handsome.
It just took him few days to adapt to our routine as he already came trained.
Even though he is Arya’s we have a special bond.
He brought this fresh feeling of a new kind of happiness into our lives.
His love is pure and we do love him back so so much.
I always joke and I call him lord because he has this aura of royalty around him. He is so polite.
I know he understands everything I say.
He is very happy and we are very happy with him.
If you want a dachshund and you are ready for it do not hesitate to contact them. It is worth it and you will surely be happy as we are.
I thank Kate and all her team to make all this possible and now we are part of this family called Coots at Eversden.